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The first patent is Belgian! (15 January 1852).

The principle consists in operating two levers that are fixed together with an axis, so that it is functioning like pliers. One end has a ring which can be applied on top of the bottleneck and ensure stability.

By joining both levers together with one hand, you then draw the cork from the bottle.

This system was showing an important disadvantage due to the fact that when the cork was extracted, the levers were applying a slight circular movement to the corkscrew. To solve the problem, the axis had to be modified and replaced by a more sophisticated mechanical system that authorized the upper lever (the one that extracts the cork) to be maintained in the same position, avoiding at the same time the rotation effect. Thanks to this modification, the corkscrew was remaining in vertical position during the whole extraction process.

We can quote the “Tangent Lever” (see picture) patented in August 1873 by Edwin Wolverson, from Birmingham, the “Holborn Lever” and the “Coney Patent” (not patented!). It was usual in these times to add the term “Patent” even if the object was not patented.

We should not forget the “BB Lever Pat n° 13314”, patented in England by Henry Seward Goodall’s.

Let’s go back to the Belgian patent. It is in 1852 that Leveaux-Lemaître from Namur took up the first patent, on which we can find the following inscriptions: “Leveaux à Namur Brevet de 15 ans”. The Englishmen quickly borrowed this principle and made their specialty of it. It that way, in 1855, Lund (see picture) patented this type of corkscrew, which was produced by a large quantity of manufactures.

Later, only the worm was screwed, before being adapted to pliers.

The originator of the “Tangent Lever”, Edwin Wolverson” had the idea to create a three fingers corkscrew marked “The Lever Signet” (see picture) that could be used with or without pliers. There were other models of this type created.

Finally, let’s quote a French patent for a side lever corkscrew marked “Batard Bté SGDG Paris” on 3rd of February 1880.

All of these corkscrews generally appeared with a bronze finish.


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