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The prodimex (multi-tools 2)

In our everyday life, we are using indispensable tools and, in order not to spend time looking after a nail file, a rasp, a cigar puncher; it would have been easier to bring them all together to keep them to hand.

In the XVIII century, after firearm kits as wad remover, goad or gun cleaner, smokers and butlers had the privilege to use a corkscrew to which a pipe cleaner, pipe filler or other accessories were associated.

It is during the XIX century that the combination of tools that had nothing in common except a corkscrew was the most exploited. These tools are usually of a small size because they were wearied in a pocket.

The bow corkscrew (see pocket corkscrews) could receive a wide variety of tools (up to 16 different ones).

All combinations were imagined, as the whistle/corkscrew, the spoon/corkscrew (to take up medicines) and the very rare nutmeg rasp/corkscrew (XVIII century).

The Americans exploited more than others the possibility to assemble several tools to make a unique one. This is the case of the “Andress Tool Pat.Aug.24’75” which has a glasscutter and a glass-breaker.

The most significant of them is the model patented by E.H. Nylin in 1909. It has on a single handle: spanners, a nail remover, a nutcracker, a can opener, a screwdriver, a knife sharpener, a hammer, and of course… a corkscrew.

The coming out of the “Codd” bottle in England forced the inventor to create an accessory that could open his bottle. The principle is to place a glass marble inside the neck of the bottle that was pushed to the top of the bottleneck by the gas pressure produced by the liquid. To evacuate the liquid, the marble had to be pushed down and Hiram Codd took up a patent on 10th May 1872 for a corkscrew/bottle opener (see Codd).

It is impossible to nominate all accessories that were surrounding the corkscrew, but here are some additional examples: the toothpick, tweezers, scissors, nail file, hole puncher, marble chaser, bottle opener, ice pick, string cutter, etc…


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