Coffee grinders

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Coffee grinders

Coffee grinder corkscrew are rare and very searched after by collectors. They are typically Italian.

The mechanical principle is similar to fly nut specimens. The handle (similar to the handle of the former coffee grinders), which is directly connected to the worm by means of a threaded shaft, authorizes the drawing of the cork from the bottleneck by applying a rotating movement.

These models are often realized in brass and are dating from the end of the XIX century.

I know only one model that was realized with a chromium finish, and it is a French one.

This corkscrew was manufactured by Pérille, and is dating from the beginning of the XX century.

The model presented hereunder is Italian and has the marking “David Maniago” on the handle. This corkscrew is recent (end of the XX century) and is already very searched after by collectors.


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