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Notwithstanding an evident lack of symmetry regarding to the axis of the bottle, single lever corkscrews were nevertheless quite popular in England, and later in France.

In 1864, Charles Hull patented a single lever corkscrew named “Royal Club”. This corkscrew is quite exceptional because of its much studied shape, its gracefulness and effectiveness. It is a model which is much searched after by collectors.

Some ten years later, the mechanism was used by John Burgess and Albert Fenton (1874). Their corkscrew, marked J.B. & Sons was patented in Birmingham.

In Paris, Alphonse Delavigne was the first in France to patent a single lever corkscrew (November 1871). In France again, the manufacture Pérille made single lever corkscrews with open barrels (1928). The so called “Presto” is the best example of a very popular single lever corkscrew. I must quote a corkscrew that I find particularly fascinating, because it is realized in pressed sheet-metal, and functioning on a rack principle: the “Traifor”, which became a rare to find single lever corkscrew… The shortage of materials after WWII forced the factories to use as minimum steel as possible (1947, realized by A.J. Grandfils).


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