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These magnificent models, surprising by the quality of their finish, were mainly used to uncork perfume or medicine flasks. Their handles are usually made of bone, ivory and mother-of-pearl. Some less luxurious ones were simply made of steel or wood.

The most beautiful specimens were parts of dressing-cases for ladies (XIX and beginning of the XXth century).

Ingenious and quite rare, the model realized by Clough to open the medicine flasks had a dial in the handle that remembered to the patient the hour when he had to take his medicine.

You will discover a magnificent model long of only some centimeters which possesses a mechanism similar to the ones with shaft and spring (see picture)

Some double lever or bow corkscrews which are miniaturized replicas of corkscrews made for bottles exist (see picture)

Some of them have a spike affixed to the handle. They allow breakage of the wax seals.

Some models are real technical challenges because the smallness of the corkscrew doesn’t have any effect on its efficiency.

In pharmacies, the Clough’s corkscrews stayed in the corks and, when the flask was empty, both the cork and the corkscrew were thrown away.

It’s a very beautiful collection from which some models are very rare. They also have the advantage not to need a lot of space. Just think about that!


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