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Who was not tempted one day by an object similar to a corkscrew that had a completely different use?

Let’s stay in the wine area, winemakers are using a whole lot of instruments as gimlets, drill, hole puncher, used to perforate barrels, authorising a bit of wine to be taken without any oxidation risks of the rest of the wine.
As a matter of fact, taking wine through the bung (wooden or cork stopper used to seal a barrel) can chemically modify the air pocket that is at the top of the barrel and then accelerate oxidation of the wine.

Thanks to “drills”, the hole is done at a place where there is no air. After a bit of wine has been taken, the hole is sealed with a wooden plug.
Still in the wine area, the bung of a barrel can be very difficult to remove because it can’t be catched properly, or simply because it is distended. The “bung remover” (see picture) has an Archimedean worm, similar to some corkscrews, but a bit larger and thicker, because the surface is not as small as the one of a bottleneck.

The army was not staying backwards with the “wad remover” that allows the soldier to remove dirt and stuff blocked in the barrel of their gun (one is to see in the category “nice specimens”).

We should not forget the gimlet used by the joiner or carpenter to perforate or initiate a perforation in a wooden piece in order to screw or place a plug more easily (see picture)

Other objects can be less confused with corkscrews because of their disproportionate size, as a “pig tail” worm that is screwed in the earth and to which the leach of your dog can be attached. Campers to pitch the fixing string of their tent use a similar utensil.


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