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I wanted to share with you, by means of Internet, a passion that is not well known by some people, and undeniable for others.

I thought I was the only one to start with a collection of corkscrews, and what a naivety when I discovered that we were so many addicts around the world.

What is more ordinary than this object, lying on a table or abandoned in a drawer in the kitchen, mixed up with other utensils.

Having a simple structure or a complex mechanism, the corkscrew is our companion during feasts. There is nothing more pleasant than opening a bottle of wine and sharing unforgettable moments with close relatives, friends… But extracting a cork is not always that easy. The simple “T”-corkscrew requests an important effort.

Therefore, all doors of creativity are opened. Surprising but not necessarily effective mechanisms are created and, from this point forward, I have discovered real works of art.

My aim is not to convince you, but only to share a moment of happiness, similar to the tasting of a good glass of wine.

and happy discovery!

P.S. All pictures of corkscrews presented in this website are part of some collections. Please use them for personal purposes. Thanks for your understanding.


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