Spring Assisted

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Spring Assisted

These corkscrews are characterized by a spring placed around the shaft (between the handle and the frame). This spring reduces the muscular effort during the drawing operation.

These models are classified in the category “single action corkscrews”(see Dictionary of the Classification of Corkscrews Systems”(translated in four languages by Hans J. TUERLER). You will find the “Spring Barrels” in the same column.

In 1862,Charles Chinnock took up two patents from which one was describing the use of a coiled spring around the shaft.

A still popular German model often marked “Columbus” has in addition of the spring, a frame that can be divided in two (split frame), easing the removal from the worm. A ring, sliding along the arms of the frame, is closing the frame for it’s next use.

You will discover tenths of models realized in Germany.


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