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Cork ejectors

During the years ‘60 appeared the first cork ejectors.

The idea, apparently original, was to extract the cork from the bottle by injecting gas between the cork and the liquid.

To realize that operation, a hollow needle longer than the cork had to be pierced through.

This operation was delicate because some corks are very hard and long, and the effort to drive the needle through the cork is very important … you then take the risk to destabilize the bottle, or even to break the needle and seriously injure yourself.

But it can be worst, because the most injuries happened at the time the gas was injected. As a matter of fact, the bottlenecks were not studied to resist to such a pressure and could explode at any moment and hurt the operator or the guests.

The pressure between the liquid and the cork must be very high to remove the cork from the bottleneck.

Cork ejectors can be classified into two categories: Gas ejectors (by inserting a cartridge with neutral gas into the corkscrew) and the pump ejectors, which are based on the principle of a bicycle pump. It is the operator who injects air between the wine and the cork by doing a backward and forward motion action on the handle.

From years ’70 the popularity of cork ejectors rapidly decreased to a point that they almost disappeared.

The “Corky”, realized in Switzerland in 1964, is probably one of the most popular models ever realised and copies of this specimen are still produced nowadays (see picture).

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