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Double levers

The omegna (double lever 4)

To compensate the imbalance due to the traction effort realized on only one side of the corkscrew (see mono lever), a second lever was added opposite to the first one.

By exerting a quasi-identical pressure with the hands on both sides of the corkscrew, the gravity center is lowered and the extracting strength is increased.

The first patent for this type of corkscrew was given in 1880 to the English William Burton Becker. It is in 1888 in Birmingham that the manufacture James Heeley and Sons produced a very popular model: the A1 Double Lever (see picture). On the 4th of January 1894, Murray & Stalker (in Kent) created an extremely strong and highly surprising designed double lever corkscrew; they named it “The Extractum”. It would be easy to bring such a corkscrew on the actual market, without having to modify its ergonomy (see drawing). On 10th December 1903, still in England, the “Magic Cork Drawer” was created. This corkscrew inspired Richard G. Smythe who patented on 17th March 1936 the “Hootch Owl” which looks like the so-called bird.

Italy rapidly adopted the double lever systems and manufacturers exploited this system till now. Around 1910, still in Italy, a magnificent brass model sometime marked Brevetto Groppelli, was brought on the market. This model is very much searched after by collectors. It is also during this period that less luxurious corkscrews made of pressed sheet metal were produced in Italy (the Vogliotti and the Sturo) and in France (the Pratic Boy-Scout with MMD) (see picture).

In 1903, in Germany, Henri Paraf inaugurated a rarely marked corkscrew that had sometime the name of “Alpa Breveté S.G.D.G.”. His widowed spouse modified the existing model in order to simplify it and patented this new model on 31st May 1939 under the name of “TYR” (see picture)
In 1945, in Italy, Ettore Cardini patented a closed barrel corkscrew called “Eterno”.

A collection of aluminum corkscrews representing a clown, a barmaid or a barman was designed in 1959 by Carlo Gemelli. It is to notice that hundreds of double lever models were created and can still be found in shops today. These only models can be a theme for a collection.


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