Spring Barrels

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Spring Barrels

Most of the corkscrews having a “spring barrel” are German.

It is however in England that was born the idea to replace the traditional barrel with one made of a spring sufficiently powerful to ease the removal of the cork.

We must thank TWIGG and BATEMAN for the discovery of this method in 1868.

It is only in 1883 that DUNISH and SCHÖLER took up a German patent.

The DUNISH and SCHÖLER’s model was the springboard for lots of other models that were slightly modified… The major idea was to authorize the barrel to slide along the shaft.

What are the advantages? After the spring barrel was pressed against the bottleneck, and after the cork was removed, the barrel was retrieving its initial shape, imprisoning the cork at the same time… Good luck to remove the cork from inside the spring!!

Ideas to block the spring barrel are not missing… You’ll find some examples amongst the pictures.



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