Family company since 1886


The history of brewery De Ryck started when Gustaaf De Ryck bought a farm for 5000 Belgian francs (= 124 €), in front of the church of Herzele. He went to Bremen in Germany to learn how to run a brewery. After that, he returned and filled the farm with brewing-coppers and renamed the brewery: ‘De Gouden Arend’ (= ‘The Golden Eagle’). He brews a light and a dark coloured beer with which he charms the whole region. Unfortunately, during the first World War the Germans seize the kettles, resulting in the closure of the brewery.

In 1920, the brewery opens for the second time and fascinates the market with his ‘Special’ De Ryck, an amber coloured beer, brewed with pure hop and malt, just like it is brewed nowadays. Between 1938 and 1965 Gustaaf’s son Clément becomes brewer, together with his 2 sisters. After him, the cousins Gustaaf jr. and Paul De Ryck are in charge and transform it into a Ltd.. It is due to them that we can enjoy the beers that are brewed today: ‘Christmas Pale-Ale’, a nice Christmas beer for cold winter evenings and ‘Rochus’, a dark beer that is brewed for the occasion of the 100 year existence of our brewery in 1986 and named after the plague saint of the chapel in Herzele. At this moment, An De Ryck is one of the few female Belgian brewers. Together with Bart Carrijn, she designed champagne bottles (75 cl) with bottle-conditioning. In the summer of 2004, a new cherry beer was launched: ‘Kriek Fantastiek’.

Product assortment

- Scale of beers

Brewery De Ryck produces 4 different kinds of beer: the amber coloured ‘Special’ De Ryck (alcoholic content of 5,5 %), ‘Rochus’ (alcoholic content of 6,3 %) which is a dark brown beer, ‘Christmas Pale-Ale’ (alcoholic content of  6,0 %) which is made around the Christmas period and ‘Kriek Fantastiek’ (alcoholic content of 4,9 %) which is made of black cherries.

All our beers are available in barrels (of 5, 20, and 30 litres), champagne bottles of  75 cl and PET-bottles of 0,5 litres or 1,5 litres.


- Beer variants

Brand new in our assortment is ‘Bierblomme’: a brandy with a taste of hop and oranges. It has an alcoholic content of 40 %.

Other beer variants are our hazelnut cheese and our pâté which are made with ‘Special’ De Ryck, ‘Rochus’ or ‘Kriek Fantastiek’.


Beer shop


Brewery De Ryck is unique in his kind because their products are mostly made for private people. Therefore brewery De Ryck has a large scale of ‘tap-yourself-barrels’ of 5, 20 and 30 litres. You can buy them in the beer shop and they are ready to use. Renting cooling taps is a great success at brewery De Ryck. Everybody who organises a barbecue, or plans to come together with friends can rent a cooling tap for the week-end. You can connect the cooling tap with the barrels of 5, 20 or 30 litres. The matching beer glasses can also be used.

In our beer shop you’ll find all the beers the brewery produces: ‘Special’ De Ryck, ‘Rochus’, ‘Christmas Pale-Ale’ and ‘Kriek Fantastiek’. These beers can be bought in ‘tap-yourself-barrels’ or champagne bottles of 75 cl with bottle-conditioning. You can also buy the beers in PET-bottles of 0,5 litres and 1,5 litres.

‘Bierblomme’ is our latest product. It is an ‘eau-de-vie’ that we produce in cooperation with distillery De Moor from Aalst. The result is a brandy with a taste of hop and oranges. It has an alcoholic content of 40 % and the bottle itself is a real collectors item. It is an ideal after dinner drink!

Other beer derivatives are our hazelnut cheese and our pâté which are made with ‘Special’ De Ryck, ‘Rochus’ or ‘Kriek Fantastiek’. The cheese is made by our cheese maker Deville from Bevere. The pâté by our pâté maker from Veurne.

For birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions we have a variety of lovely gifts in our beer shop.

Brewery visit

Guided visits are offered to those who want to know more about brewery De Ryck. In groups of 15 to 50 people, a professional guide takes you through the brewery.

He reveals all the secrets of our brewery and will show you the process from grain of malt to delicious pint. During a visit of an hour and a half, you will see the malt mill with four rolls, the filtration tun, the hopback, … After the visit , you can relax in our brand new reception room. This room is completely renovated and is situated in the ancient horse stables of brewery De Ryck. In the reception room 15 to 50 persons can enjoy the different beers and bites of the brewery.

For companies, clubs or foreign associations we have organised a ‘Brewery Tour’. The weekend includes several delicious meals prepared with beer, visits to different breweries / distilleries, a sightseeing tour in our region and a stay in a little hotel.

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