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How to use our Ebooks ?

For many people, reading Ebooks is a new experience. For some the process of downloading and reading them on their computer seems difficult. The purpose of the explanation below is to help those who have some difficulties.

Downloading and .ZIP format

Ebooks are computer files that you can download to your computer's hard disk using the browser software on your computer. It means that once the Ebook file has reached your PC hard disk through the Web, it remains there (saved somewhere you have determine on your disk) for years if you want to be so. Your hard disk becomes like a permanent library.

To save downloading time our Ebook files are (if not otherwise mentioned) compressed in .ZIP format, and they will need to be expanded or inflated using a file compression/inflating program before you can read them.

When unzipping your Ebook file, you will end up with two files, the compressed (.ZIP) original version, and the inflated or unziped version of the Ebook. The inflated version will have the file extension .EXE. That means it is an EXEcutable file that you can start up or RUN by just typing in its name using the Windows RUN command, or typing in its name at the DOS prompt or even double-clicking on it when you are in the Windows files manager. 

Remark : When unzipping your file you will be asked where you want the inflated .EXE file to be stored on your hard disk.

The Ebook will RUN or start up automatically and you will be able to see its cover

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Cover Page

and have access to a HOME page where many details are available about the ebook content, our site, and other introductory information.

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Home Page

If you can see those items that will mean the you will also be able to read the chapter contents once you have paid for, and entered the password that unlocks its contents. If you want to access a protected page, you will be warned that the page is password protected.

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Warning Page

This page is password protected

You cannot access this page before entering a valid password which will render your ebook fully readable.

To buy this password (X.XX US $) you have to follow the billing procedure by clicking on the link hereafter.

Click here to buy your password (...)

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To purchase your password, just click on the sentence : Click here to buy your password. But to access the billing service (clickbank.com) through that link, you first have to be online. Generally, if you are not yet online, you will be prompted if you want to be connected on the Web before going further.

Once you have your password and have input it in your Ebook, you will not have to be online again to read it. Sometimes, when reading, you will be told of some interesting sites that you can access by clicking on the URL displayed in the Ebook text. To access those sites, you will first to be online.


Passwords are usually made up of several letters and numbers. As such, they are not easy to remember and should be printed out or written down and saved. When they are entered (by clicking on the "Key" icon on the tool bar), all the letters and numbers have to be entered exactly as shown or they will not work.

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Key Icon used to enter the password


It will not required to be entered again.

Ebook Tools

Icons will shown on the tool bar at the top of the pages of the book. They represent tools that can be used to help you read and enjoy the book.

Some of them, as the "Home Page" button (or "Stop" or "Refresh") are standard icons and probably appear on your web browser. Some are different. For example, the "key" icon is used for entering the password that allows you to access all of the pages of the book.

The Search icon

The Search icon can be used to find things in the book. For example, if you would like to find the word "pistol," click on the "Search" icon and type "pistol" in the input space that will come up on the screen. Then you will get a "Search Results" page which displays the list of the pages in the book containing the word "pistol".

Contents icon

To view an index of the book, you can click on this icon. The index can be viewed in list form, or as a separate bake.  That can be done by selecting the "View as an Ebook Page" option. To get to any of the indexed items, just click on them.
Copy and Print icons

These icons may be unavailable if the book is protected against copying and printing. That is usually the case with our Ebooks.

View option

The "View" option above the tool bar can be used to select the print or font size, from smallest to largest, that is best for reading. This setting change will remain active, even after quitting the ebook, until reversed inside your ebook or your current web browser.

Display settings

This Ebook has been optimized for use on 17 inch monitors which are or soon will be the universal standard.  If you have a smaller monitor, you may find that some of the text is displayed off the screen.  Best viewing is achieved by being sure that your Control Panel monitor "Display" Settings are 1024 by 768, and then using the View option within the Ebook to enlarge the print on the screen.

We hope that this will make it easier for you to read and enjoy your Ebook. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


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