Welcome to the 4th International Naginata Federation World Championship Website.
Welcome in Belgium and more precisely in Brussels. This little website is design to help you to have all the details over the Championship if there is any missing data please contact us at this address : naginata2007@gmail.com If your question is relevant it will be added with the answer in the FAQ section in this web site.
Dear Naginata Friends,

After Tokyo, Paris and San Jose, Brussels is preparing to host the fourth World Naginata Championship on 1st September 2007.
It is both a great honour and a big pleasure for our Federation.Sharing the same source of traditional teaching Transmitted within Japan through generations of teachers,And from Japan to the rest of the world,Cultivating the same spirit of mindfulness, respect and dignity Each country, each club, each practitioner Has his unique way of expressing Naginata.
By offering a scene for this variety of expressions, we hope to contribute to INF’s goal to foster international understanding through the study and art of Naginata.
In addition to the 4th World Naginata Championship, we invite you to the following activities that will also be held in Brussels at the same period:
- An international Goodwill Tournament on 2nd September 2007
- A three-day Naginata Seminar, from 3rd to 5th September
- Dan and Kyu examinations on 5th September
- A Referee Certification on 5th September

You will find enclosed the registration form and more detailed information about all of these activities. Please note that the registration fully completed has to be sent back by May 20 and payment must be made by June 20. After this date, fees will be increased of 10% and participants will have to take care personally of their accommodation. Registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

Applications have to be send to

Fabienne Bauwens,
126 Heiligenborre,
1170 Brussels

Registration have to be paid on the Belgian Federation account;
ACCOUNT : 001-5017335-86
IBAN : BE78 0015 0173 3586

Looking forward to seeing you in Brussels next September
Fabienne Bauwens
Secretary of the All Belgium Naginata Federation