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The two teams face
The term "Echasseur" belongs to our regional and dialectal french which describes jousters on stilts.
This type of combat constitutes the most curious and one of the oldest customs of Namur's folklore (Belgium) as it is shown in a town ordonance dated 1411, attesting that in this period it was solidly established in the town.

The jousts on stilts is a genuine sport combat.

Divided in two groupes, the Mélans and Avresses, the jousters try to bring down their opponent by using divers types of procedures : using-shoulders, elbow, shoving, poking, blocking the stilts, and others.
In times, past there where two types of jousts :

1st in pomp, given by the autorities for visitors VIP
2nd general combats where a large part of the population was present.

Nowadays, the two groups use identical stilts to those of their ancestors, jousting on special occasions in Namur and in other parts of the world. They participate in many international folkloric manifestations


Double fall

Technique of combat
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