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A-10 Schemes
A-10 "Peanut" Scheme
A-10 "Snow" Scheme
A-10 "Flipper" Scheme
F-14A Schemes
F-14A "Ferris 1" Scheme
F-14A "Ferris 2" Scheme
F-4 Schemes
F-4S "Ferris 1" Scheme
F-4S "Ferris 2" Scheme
F-4E H.A.F. "Ghost" Scheme
F-4E I.I.A.F. Scheme
F-4E I.A.F. Scheme
F-15 Schemes
F-15A "Ferris 1" Scheme
F-15A "Ferris 2 Scheme
F-15B "Ferris 1" Scheme
F-15B "Ferris 2" Scheme
F-15I I.A.F. Scheme
Tornado Schemes
R.S.A.F. Scheme
R.A.F. "Desert Pink" Scheme
Desert Storm Schemes
A-6E "Desert Storm" Scheme
A-7E "Desert Storm" Scheme
OV-10A "Desert Storm" Scheme
OV-10D "Desert Storm" Scheme
Jaguar Schemes
Jaguar "Snow 1" Scheme
Jaguar "Snow 2" Scheme
Oman "Desert Storm" Scheme
F.A.F. "Africa" Scheme
F.A.F. Opr. Daguet
R.A.F. "Desert Pink" Scheme
Hawk Schemes
Abu Dhabi
F-117 Schemes
F-117A Experimental Scheme
"Egyptian" Scheme 1
"Egyptian" Scheme 2
Kfir Schemes
I.A.F. Early
I.A.F. Late
SU-7 Schemes
Egyptian A.F. 1973
Syrian A.F. 1973
F-5 Schemes
"New Blue" Scheme
"Old Blue" Scheme
"Flogger" Scheme
"Frog" Scheme
"New Ghost 1" Scheme
"New Ghost 2" Scheme
"Old Ghost" Scheme
"Grape" Scheme
"Grey 1" Scheme
"Grey 2" Scheme
"New Lizard" Scheme
"Old Lizard" Scheme
"Pumpkin" Scheme
"Sand" Scheme
"Snake" Scheme
"V.N.A.F." Scheme
F-16 Schemes
"Europe 1" Scheme
"U.S.N. Aggressor" Scheme
"Flanker" Scheme
"Fulcrum" Scheme
"Mig-29" Scheme
"Sand" Scheme
"Flogger" Scheme
F-16A "I.A.F." Scheme
F-16C "I.A.F." Scheme
"Venezuelan Air Force" Scheme
F-18 Schemes
"Mig-29" Scheme 
"Brown" Scheme
"Grey" Scheme
"Blue" Scheme
"Mig-29 Blue" Scheme
Alpha Jet Schemes
A-4 Schemes
A-4H "I.A.F." Scheme 1
A-4H "I.A.F." Scheme 2
A-4N "I.A.F." Scheme 2
F-104 Schemes
Royal Jordanian A.F.
Mirage Schemes
Mirage 2000C Opr. Daguet
Peruvian Mirage 2000P
Mirage 2000 U.A.E.
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