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Fram - Itapúa - Paraguay     F R A M 

                  Village in Paraguay


In 1927, Pedro Cristopershen, of Norwegian nationality, acquired 70,000 hectares of earth in the districts of Carmen del Paraná, Jesús and Trinidad, the same destined to colonization. The first in populating the colony were of Polish origin, German, Russian, Checoslovaco, Ukrainian and Hungarians between another, so arise in the year 1936 "The COLONIZADORA FRAM Corp.."

In the year 1956 by Law number 379 of the National Congress of August 28, the Fram Colony was elevated to the category of District, staying that name in homage to the founder of the Fram Colony, what in the Norwegian language means AHEAD. In the native language Fram is knows like APEREA.

In the year 1957, the Japans immigrants arrive and they settled down in an area of 11,000 hectares. Lands acquired of the Colonizadora Fram; so the Japones Colony arose, according to their establishment of their respective Cooperative: Fuji, La Paz and Santa Rosa.

The community of Fram has service of electric power from the year 1973, also with service of drinkable water, but don't have service of net cloacal. At the moment the streets in the urban sector are paved and the other terraced, likewise the community has services of transports of passengers- a denominated society La Frameña, with round trip itinerary: Fram - Carmen del Paraná - Encarnación.

The main activity of the population is the agriculture, cattle raising and the industry, in story to this last the activities are: a mill - an industry extraction of oil of soya- a manufactures of balancing meals for bovine animals, birds of corral- an automated sawmill- a ceramic industry- bakeries- carpentry's and others.   For the characteristics of the races that conform this population there exist several churches and religions, the Catholic church is dedicated to Santa Tourist del Niño Jesús which  celebrated October 3. The Catholic church has 12 chapels. In the city is seated also the Orthodox church San Jorge and several evangelical temples.

In fact of the education institutions, in the urban area, there are two primary schools, a secondary and a school of literacy of adults night shift, it in the rural zone are seated 14 primary schools. In the urban area are seated 2 institutions that fulfill the expectation of the community in the sport, social and cultural, the Guaraní club and the Juvenile Fram club, in the rural area approximately 20 amateurs clubs exist.

Fram has an important club of services; the Lions Club. Likewise work the Tribunal of Peace and Registration of the people, there is also a Policial Mayor's office, a Center of Health and a sanitary unit of the Institute of Social Forecast. As for communication there is a modern system of automatic telephone and digital with characteristic 0761. The community has several hotels and restaurants. As for tourist value, the community tends to conserve the constructions of the colonial type of origin Slav, that they are mingled between the modern constructions, surrounded of beautiful and panoramic views of the agricultural cultivation's. There is also a Bank the National Bank of Development, and also the offices of the Service of Agricultural Extension and of the Agricultural Credit of Habilitation and the functionality of 2 cooperatives; one of agricultural and another production of consumption. The first denominated Cooperative Ampere Lda. and that of consumption denominated Cooperative Fram Lda. The Municipality in a great effort to paymaster the House of the Culture where they meet the origin and the history of our community, also in the community is seated several silos for recolection of grains, they are between the main parts of cultivation in the area of Fram are the soya- wheat- rice- cotton and corn and another to Fram denominates the Capital of the Wheat, by being the pioneer in the cultivation of the important cereal.

Fram located in the Department of Itapúa, distant of the city of Encarnacion 46 Km, of Carmen del Paraná 22 Km and to 18 Km. from the route asphalt number 1 Marshal Francisco Solano López and of the route number 6 Doctor Juan León Mallorquín 54 Km. of Capitán Miranda.

To the north file with the district of General Artigas , to the South with the district of Encarnación to the east with the district of Carmen del Paraná and to the west with the district of Capitán Miranda.The total surface is of 32,000 hectares. The population is of 6,100 inhabitants, distributed: 2,100 in the urban radius and 4,000 in the rural sector, as indicated in the census of the year 1992. As for category of district, this located in of the second category. It is a  zone characterized, eminently agricultural, and it has an important  number of tractors with their respective elements for the work of the earth.there is also an important number of trucks for the transport of general loads and of several minor transports.


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       Fram - Paraguay.


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