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Championchips allover the
last 10 years!!!


1st National Champion K.B.D.B. 1979
1st National Champion K.B.D.B. 1985
1st National Champion K.B.D.B. 2004

1st World Champion 1997

1st National Champion K.B.D.B. 1997 Long Distance
1st National Champion K.B.D.B. 2005 Very Long Distance
1st European Ace Pigeon 1997
1st National Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B. 1997 Long Distance
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon 1997
1st National Marseille 1995
1st National Dax 1997
1st National Limoges 1999
1st National Carcasonne 2006
1st International Carcasonne 2006


Devos fam 3kl sch

Most important results in 2006:

3 national winners 2006

1st national Carcassonne 3942 p. => "Zidane"
1st international Carcassonne 10 329 p.

1st national Noupoort (South Africa) 640 km ; Yusuf Cachalia
line "Zwarte Yzeren" x "Prins"

1st national Limoges 9672 p.: De Graeve - VanGeert (Smetlede/B)
50% "Didi"

Championships of 2006
Fondclub Rekkem

1st Champion Long Distance Rekkem
1st Champion Very Long Distance Rekkem
1st General Champion Long Distance Rekkem
Brugse BarcelonaClub
1e Driejarig klassement Gouden Vleugel
2e Tweejarig klassement Gouden Vleugel

1 Fondkampioen Westvlaamse en interprovinciale oude duiven

zidane 13

1 Asduif Rhone vallei met "Zidane"
1 Euro diamond met "Zidane"

1 Tandem kampioen Barcelona masters

1st Marathon Champion Club des XX


Most of these magnificent results ware gained by pigeons of
 these tree lines

basiccouple lijn

The “Ijzeren-line

The “Didi-line

 Clic on the names!

The “Prince”-line

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