Belgian Association of Occupational Therapists
The FNBE-NBFE (Fédération Nationale Belge des Ergothérapeutes - Nationale Belgische Federatie van Ergotherapeuten) represents the Belgian occupational therapists (OT) for all national and international matters.

The federation is made up of the members of both regional associations :

The executive committee is composed of members of AE and VE elected by the regional associations. Mandates are distributed respecting the linguistic parity.

The FNBE-NBFE is member of the WFOT (World Federation of Occupational Therapists) since 1968 and the 15 Belgian schools are approved by WFOT. The programme enacted by the Belgian Education Ministry adheres to the WFOT standards. Every 2 years, a supervision of the schools is organised by the FNBE-NBFE, in accordance with the WFOT statutes in order to maintain their acceptance.

Brief history :

  • 1950: opening of the first OT department by Professor Houssa
  • 1956: first schools
  • 1960: creation of the FNBE-NBFE
  • 1965: acknowledgement of OT training by Health Ministry
  • 1967: creation of the OT schools federation
  • 1968: admission as member of WFOT
  • 1989: first issue of the Belgian OT review, Acta Ergotherapeutica Belgica-AEB
  • 1996: Royal Decree concerning the profession, the content of the studies and the OT technical acts
  • 2000: 15 schools, all approved by WFOT.