Employment and diploma equivalence

Registration : 

The registration organized by the Health Ministry has started in March 2012. After January 2013, all OT must be registered to work in Belgium: it will be a guarantee of quality for all patients in our country.

This registration is also mandatory in order to work in private practice according to the new legislation. Patients are now refunded by the national health insurance system if they need evaluation of the home, advice for technological aids, information of the families and carers,.ADL and AIDL evaluation and specific ADL home teaching,... after their stay in an approved rehabilitation center.

Foreign OT will also have to apply for registration in order to work in Belgium. Information about registration procedure is available on our websites: www.ergotherapie.be in Dutch and www.ergo-ae.be in French

Employment :

Belgium is centrally situated in Europe and many international organisations and companies are headquartered there. Many foreign occupational therapists live in our country with their families and are confronted with problems linked to OT diploma equivalence and languages before looking for employment.
Belgium is a small country divided into regions (still smaller!) having distinct characteristics, such as different languages, regulations and laws.
Practically, the OT must be reasonably fluent in the language of the region where he (she) intends to work, either French or Dutch (Flemish), and in Brussels a good knowledge of both languages.
In Belgium, we have 15 schools and there is no lack of OT; on the contrary, some OT do not find work.

Diploma equivalence :

  1. For NON-EUROPEAN countries, you must apply to the Ministry of Education for the region where you want to work or study, to see if your educational programme is equivalent and you may have to present some exams even if your diploma is from a WFOT-approved school.
  2. For EUROPEAN countries except Netherlands, the implementation of the Directive 89/48/CEE is not yet ready and you must still ask the recognition of your diploma to the Ministry of Education.
  3. For Netherlands qualified OT there is a special agreement of equivalence for OT diploma between Belgium and Netherlands.

Addresses of ministry in charge of the equivalence : please go to the French or Dutch information as you must apply to the ministry of the region where you want to work.

More general information: http://www.enic-naric.net/index

Application must be written in French or Dutch.