Belgian Association of Occupational Therapists
The Federation for Occupational Therapy Teaching (Fédération pour l'Enseignement de l'Ergothérapie-F.E.E. / Federatie van Onderwijs in de Ergotherapie-F.O.E.) is a national association composed of all high schools organising occupational therapy (OT) education.

The main objectives of this federation are :

  • to promote OT education
  • to foster cooperation between the various institutions teaching OT
  • to look after the organisation in collaboration with public authorities
  • to keep a collegial spirit within its members
  • to have a permanent interest for all matters having a direct or indirect relation with OT.
The representatives of all OT teaching institutions meet at leat twice a year to discuss questions connected to their activities. Specific working groups also meet regularly.
A delegation of the national (FNBE-NBFE) and of the regional associations (AE-VE) also attend these meetings, in a consultative capacity.