Admission conditions in Belgian OT

We have in Belgium 15 schools (7 French-speaking schools and 8 Dutch-speaking schools) approved by WFOT. Their names and addresses are listed on this site.

There is no entrance exam. Specific admission conditions have to be asked to the schools.

Baccalaureate (= secondary school examination qualifying for entry to university) or its equivalent is sufficient. A request for baccalaureate equivalence has to be introduced before July 15 of each year at the following address :
Service des Equivalences - Bureau 5534
Cité administrative de l'Etat, quartier Arcades, bloc D
Boulevard Pachéco, 19 bte 0
B - 1010 Bruxelles

Students having a baccalaureate in literature are accepted, but a special effort to strengthen their scientific basic knowledge will be required during the first year.

A copy of the diploma, a letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae are generally requested.

School fees vary slightly in function of the education network to which each school belongs. Students from the European Union pay the same fees as Belgians. Swiss students pay higher school fees.

All the schools organise open days, often in March or April. This is the ideal time to meet the teachers and also students, in order to select a school meeting your wishes.

In Belgium, there is no "numerus clausus", but each school has obviously a limited capacity for new students each year: the earliest candidates to be registered have the best chances to be accepted !