Belgian Association of Occupational Therapists
COTEC - Committee of Occupational Therapists in European Countries
The aim of COTEC is to enable national associations of occupational therapists in the countries of Europe to develop, harmonise and improve standards of professional practice and education, as well as advance the theory of occupational therapy throughout Europe.

COTEC was founded in 1986; the Committee is made of delegates elected by their national associations and meets twice a year.

COTEC produces a European Code of Ethics, and encourages national associations to use it as working document. For this purpose the code has been translated into all languages of the member states.

COTEC maintains strong links and works in close collaboration with European organisations, the Worl Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other bodies.

COTEC supports the development of new occupational therapy associations, education and services in European countries.

COTEC holds a European congress every 4 years, hosted by one of the member states.


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