Belgian Association of Occupational Therapists
Annual publication: introduction
Acta Ergotherapeutica Belgica (AEB) was the quarterly review of occupational therapy in Belgium.
Born from an initiative of OT schools, it benefits from the direct collaboration of the French- and Dutch-speaking professional associations, the Association des Ergothérapeutes (AE) and the Vlaams Ergotherapeutenverbond (VE).

Since 2009, Acta Ergotherapeutica Belgica is replaced by an annual book published by each regional association:

    - one in French: "RAE - Recueil Annuel d'Ergothérapie" for the French-speaking regional association
(Association des Ergothérapeutes - AE) more information

- one in Dutch "Jaarbook" for the Dutch-speaking regional association(Vlaams Ergotherapeutenverbond - VE)
more information

Annual books are thus published in both national languages.

The annual book is aiming at informing OT's and other interested readers about the recent developments in the field of OT.

Contributions are welcome and must follow a number of rules.            Ask the editors of regional associations for more information.