The Second Law of Thermodynamics: Nature strives to chaos!

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Hi visitor. My name is Redlite and i wish you a warm welcome on my website.
On the upcoming pages i would like to introduce you to a phase of one exitance that facinates me the most.
Entropy is a state of chaos. The second law of Thermodynamics postulates that nature (the universe, the world or whatever you would like to call it) strives to a state of unusable yet stabile chaos wich is measured in entropy. Throw a cup to the ground an you will get shards. Throwing shards to the ground will never get you a cup. Glass will break, iron will rust and buildings will collapse... (more about entropy can be read here)
Once the Noise of a machine stops forever and boilers run cold there is no use for a factory or structure in this economy anymore. Left to the will of nature, such structures will soon be living proof that entropy exists. In their final phase before they will be completly gone i would like to document them. Why? I dont know... But it has something to do with melancholy and i can't resist it. I am in no means a proffessional photographer nor have i the intention to be one but these pages are my tribute
Now sit back, relax and follow me into the world of -Entropy- because eventualy entropy will get everything and all of us...

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The camping
The fortress of Duffel
The loc
Marly cokes factory
The abandonned transformer station
An overtaken quarry
Cockery 'd Anderlues
Charcocke Zeebrugge
Triage/Lavoir Binche
The empty barrage of Bütgenbach
Truckstop Hélecine
"Schoonselhof" graveyard
The fortress of Walem
Redlites day off

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