PLUSH: More you becomes you
LP (Domino 1998)

Plush is Liam Hayes solo project, and he has recorded this album with the recording engineers Bob Weston, Steve Albini ( "the Shellac Crew") and Konrad Strauss (what a name if you are in music).
Plush made minimal songs, constructed with an organ or piano and Liam deep smooth voice. It's a singer/ songwriter that doesn't hide his struggle of the soul what result in slow minimal autumn tunes. Some of this beautiful songs are, "More you becomes you", Soaring and boring" and "(see it in the) early morning". You can not compare it with the Thinderstick's because they use a whole bunch of instruments and Plush just a voice and piano. But it breathes a bit the same feeling, only Plush is more intense.

Domino Rec. , PO Box 4029, London SW15 2XR, UK