MOXIE / FUCK: split seven inch
Panorama records/ Rhesus records (1998)

A split-singel released by the San Francisco based rhesus records and from Brussels, Panorama records.
Let's started with the US side. Fuck with the song "flapper". It's a retiring, melancholic song, an easy guitar tune, well-brought whit a good lyric more must that not be.
Than the Belgium side, Moxie with "the fakers". An up-tempo song very good built up and with nice worked out vocal patterns. The song reminds me a but to Sonic Youth at the time of their "Experimental Jet Set and Stars". Moxie proved that there are talented bands in Belgium (together with: Orange Black, Biack, and Evil Superstars, etc.).

Pan-o-rama rec/ 75 Avenue emile de beco/ 1050 Brussels/Belgium
rhesus records/ 1124 sutter street/ San Francisco/ CA 94109/ USA
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