in vitro diagnostics and biochemical technology

Examples of the application of advanced concepts to rapid homogeneous immunoassays and to the direct determination of affinity constants in ligand-receptor interactions can be found in the following publications :

Englebienne, P.: Réactifs pour la détection ou le dosage d'un analyte dans un échantillon, trousses les contenant, et procédé de détection ou de dosage utilisant ces réactifs. Belg. Patent 09300449 (1993).

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Englebienne, P. & Weiland, M.: Synthesis of water-soluble carboxylic and acetic acid-substituted poly(thiophenes) and application of their photochemical properties in homogeneous competitive immunoassays. Chemical Communications (1996), 1651-1652.

Englebienne, P.: Use of colloidal gold surface plasmon resonance peak shift to infer affinity constants from the interactions between protein antigens and antibodies specific for single or multiple epitopes. Analyst 123 (1998) 1599-1603.

Englebienne, P.: Synthetic materials capable of reporting biomolecular events by chromic transition. Feature article submitted by invitation to J. Materials Chemistry. In press 1999.


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