My grandfather had a boxer and as a child I spent a lot of time with him and Inou (that was her name).So my love for this breed goes a long way back and has very deep roots.At my parents place we didn’t have a dog but I kept dreaming of it.
Later I would certainly have one, but not just a dog, a boxer of course!
So when I was married it didn’t take long before a boxerpup entered our house. Her name was Zindy van ‘t Hertogeneiland, a brindle bitch, and I have never been without a boxer since.
Soon after I felt like breeding a litter and in 1977 I had my official kennelname registered at the ‘Koninklijke Maatschappij Sint- Hubertus(recognised by the FCI in Belgium).

de Engelenburcht ‘was no longer a dream but a fact !

In 1978 our first litter was born.It was a real challenge because Zindy had 10 puppies : 7 boys and 3 girls.All the puppies were healthy and had a normal weight at birth but mother had almost no milk.After countless baby bottles of milk and many sleepless nights all the puppies left to good homes except for 2 girls, Caya and Cleo van de Engelenburcht. They stayed with us.
As circumstance had it, I stopped breeding for a few years.
Then when the occasion occurred again Caya and Cleo were too old. But then came our Mieke ,and so ‘de Engelenburcht ‘ began her second chapter.

How it all started