March 2001 Releases

My picks for March

Live Fat, Die Young
Fat Wreck Chords

Covered With Ants

Blow in the Wind
Fat Wreck Chords
One for the Kids
Dynamite Boy
Somewhere In America
No-Fi Trash

Releases This Week

Give Blood
Death is Infinite (ep)
No On 15
Even a trained Monkey can do It (ep)
Saturday Supercade
Everyone is a Target
Angels in the Architecture
The Distance in Writing
The Misfits
Cuts from the Crypt
Angelic Upstarts
Live from the Justice League
The (Int) Noise Conspiracy
Capitalism Stole my Virginity (7")
Agent Felix
When Pigs Fly
Feeling Left Out
Mr Everything I'm Not (ep)

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Album Title
Miles Ahead of Where We Left Off
  Glasseater with Miles Ahead of Where We Left Off on Dead Droid Records. A smart mix of melodic, driving rock and some emo screaming. Ten songs in all. It's all about wrestling and girls.
Destroy the New Rock
  Honest Don's have signed a new band called Big In Japan, featuring Zac from Screeching Weasel and Zoinks. Their first full length entitled Destroy The New Rock is said to be a true melding of classic new wave a la Elvis Costello, brought into a modern pop punk arena, make each and every track a memorable sing along classic. You can now visit their new website and listen to a track of this album there.
Group Sounds
  Rocket From The Crypt with Group Sounds: a 12 track album, and their first after they left Interscope to join Vagrant Records.
No Traffic
  After a year of constant touring The Stereo have headed into the studio to construct the ultimate follow up to the critically acclaimed "three hundred". The new album's title is No Traffic. This record is said to be a bit darker and mature but still has all the over the top pop appeal that keeps you coming back to the stereo every time. They are recording the album themselves, doing all the artwork, and making a video for one of the new songs. Download the demo version of "Just a game" from the new album at the boys new website. On Fueled By Ramen
Back at the Laundromat
  US Bombs with Back At The Laundromat. The third release on the Hellcat label by this old skool punk band from Orange County CA.
Lars Frederikssen/Bastards
  Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards with a self-titled album on Hellcat. New solo record from Lars Frederiksen of Rancid. Check out the Rancid website for additional info.
JJ Nobody and the Regulars
RnR Doesn't End at 2:00
  JJ from Nobody has a new solo project: JJ Nobody and The Regulars. He will have a full length out on Hopeless, entitled Rock n Roll Doesn't End At Two; 11 songs filled with elements of punk, country and straigt up rock'n roll. Fans of The Queers, The Gotohells, Chixdiggit! and The Replacements will go ape-shit over this! There is a track on the Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 3 sampler.
Drunken Cholos
Livin La Vida Loco
  The Drunken Cholos (featuring Joe Queer and other members of the original Queers lineup) have an ep Livin La Vida Loco coming out on Hopeless Records.
Me First and the GimmeGimmes
Shannon (7")
  Prior to their full length Fat release on March 20th, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes will also have a limited 7" vinyl release on Better Youth Organisation entitled Shannon. This time around, the boys who aren't afraid to put on a dress, tackle two new ones from Del Shannon. Get this quick, cuz it's a limited pressing and it will sell out.
Fat Wreck Vol V: Live Fat Die Young
  Fat Music Vol V: Live Fat, Die Young, will be made up of entirely unreleased songs! It will feature new songs from all your favourite Fat Wreck bands and a few new faces as well: Anti-Flag, Fabulous Disaster, Rise Against, and Zero Down! Click here for the full tracklist.
That Darn Punk (Soundtrack)
  After selling 10,000 units for the 1996 soundtrack to a Ben Affleck film, Glory Daze, Kung Fu Films was born and they produced the first full-length narrative feature film made specifically for the punk audience, That Darn Punk. The film stars, among others, members of The Vandals, with Joe Escalante playing a punk musician who pays the ultimate price for his back stage indiscretions. In and around the action on the screen, they loaded the film with some of the best and most valuable punk rock ever recorded. Classic songs like Aliens (Pennywise), GGF (Rancid), and After You My Friend (Lagwagon) join amazing new songs recorded especially for the film like Siegfried and Roy (Nerf Herder), Only You (No Motiv), and Right on Q (The Vandals), which are available, nowhere else. Beyond this, more unreleased and exclusive new material from Kung Fu bands like The Ataris and Assorted Jelly Beans, and sneak peaks at upcoming Kung Fu bands like MI-6, Antifreeze and the unbelievable OZMA.
Put Out or Get Out
  Fabulous Disaster with Put Out Or Get Out on Pink & Black Records (Fat Wreck side label). San Francisco's very own all woman punk band. Imagine sweet, sweet harmonies slipping effortlessly into torn, fishnet stockings of punk. Imagine a band that smells good and plays hard as fuck.
Identity Crisis
  Thrice with Identity Crisis on Subcity. Re-issue of this now deleted album, which was originally released early 2000 on Greenflag Records. Thrice strives for dynamics and emotion of hardcore with the melody of pop punk. For fans of AFI, Good Riddance, Saves The Day and Boy Sets Fire. Produced by Paul Miner (Death By Stereo).
Solutions to Substance
  Canada's Layaway Plan with Solutions to Substance on Smallman Records. 14 new tracks of their unique punk/metal sound. Layaway Plan have fine tuned what was on 'Force of Habit' to make a solid punk rock album...and don't worry, the metal is still there. It is quick and hits you immediately.
The Theory of Harmonial Value
  Moneen with The Theory of Harmonial Value on Canadian Smallman Records. Songs of love with flavours of emo and punk rock served on the side.
Odd Numbers
The Trials and Tribulations of
  While the world has been amazed at what this band has done over the last decade or so, nothing could prepare them for this record. Possibly one of the best mod / power pop bands in the world. Find out why they have been dubbed "Americas version of the JAM".
  American release date through Coldfront for the new Travoltas album, Teenbeat. Ramones meets the Beach Boys. These guys are Radio / video stars in their homeland of the Netherlands, and America is about to realize why! Keep your eyes out for a split CD with the PLUS ONES coming soon!
Not So Quiet on the Coldfront
  Coldfront sampler featuring 28 tracks from bands like Divit, Diesel Boy, Limp, McRackins, Travoltas, Odd Numbers, Hagfish, Plus Ones, Vindictives, etc... . This CD has amazing artwork from Mark Desalvo (NOFX "Heavy Petting Zoo", Lagwagon's last three records, NUFAN, etc...), and will be in the stores for around $3.
Les Pauls & Breaking Glass
  Sincity sampler featuring Electric Frankenstein, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Toilet Boys, Candy Snatchers, American Heartbreak, Bellrays, Libertine, etc... . This features a Frank Kozic piece for the cover, and should also be in the stores for around $2. The Frank Kozik artwork on this is the only thing tough enough to encase this rock & roll explosion. Only $3, or get both the Coldfront and the Sin City compilations for $5.

Lights Out
  A new Nine album (10 tracks): Lights Out on Burning Heart. Former nine member Oskar Eriksson is now back in the band as their bass guitarist.
Hell Yes
  I guess you could call this a warm-up for their upcoming full-length release on Vagrant: "From Here to Infirmary". The songs for this 7" are "Hell Yes" and "Standard Break From Life".
Right Brigade
  Right Brigade with a self-titled album on Revelation. In the tradition of early 80's Boston Hardcore bands like SSD and Negative FX comes this uncompromising hardcore band with their debut Revelation album. A power chord barrage of take-no-shit hardcore. Features members from Fastbreak and Follow Through. (Source: Sonic Rendez-Vous)
Dead Reckoning
  Their 3rd album already! The Bike has removed it's training wheels and is racing down the street to run yer ass over with it's pedal pushing rock! Hard and heavy punk rock, not really hardcore, but with really prominent bass lines, catchy guitar work, straining vocals and so much more. The backup vocals on this album are done by the singers brother, which gives a much higher sincerity to lyrics.
Bounce (CDS)
  Danko Jones with Bounce. A CDS on Swedish Bad Taste Records, featuring 2 songs taken from their full length that will follow in a week. For more info look at March 26th.
Covered With Ants
  Guttermouth moved to Epitaph stables. Look out for their new album Covered With Ants. 11 tracks of classic-assed Guttermouth bitching, ranting, and raving thrown atop a bed of barbed-wire guitar riffs, ear-bending drums and thrashing ... fiddles.
Me First & Gimme Gimmes
Blow In The Wind
  Me First and the Gimme Gimmes have started recording their 3rd full-length album Blow In The Wind at Motor Studios. For those who live on another planet, MFATGG is Fat Wreck Chords' all-star band featuring members of NOFX, Lagwagon and No Use For A Name. The album will include '60s songs such as Cat Stevens' "Wild World," Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" and Del Shannon's "Runaway." If you ever wondered about the lyrics or line-up for their previous releases, check out this great resource site for MFAGG.
Shut Your Mouth
  Frenzal Rhomb released Shut Your Mouth on November 6th 2000 in the southern hemisphere. It'll be released by Fat Wreck Chords for the rest of the world.
One For The Kids
  Yellowcard will release One For The Kids on Lobster Records. Yellowcard is a 5 piece rock and roll band from Jacksonville, Florida. The band came together in high school a few years ago and has recently signed their first record contract with Lobster Records. Recordings happened at Stall 2 with Darian Rundall (Pennywise, Strung Out).
Somewhere In America
  Dynamite Boy has just finished recording their new record Somewhere In America. They were in California for three weeks working with producer Cameron Webb. I assume it's on Fearless, as was their previous album, reviewed here by me. You can check out 2 of their new songs at
Friends, Lies and the End of The World
  Boston's Reach the Sky, with Friends, Lies and The End Of The World on Victory. Reach the Sky can hit you with aggression and heartfelt emotion in the same song. It appeals to the basic allure of hardcore, to release the feelings that are within you.
Welcome To Nowhere
  The Fairlanes finished mixing and recording their new album Welcome to Nowhere for Suburban Home. It will be in stores in March in time for the Fairlanes 2 month tour around the United States. You can download a song from their page.
S/T (cdep)
  This band has been the buzz of the underground zines and chat rooms for a couple of months now, and after all the hype and press, this CD-EP, the debut release for San Geronimo finally hits the streets. Former members of Jets To Brazil / Lifetime & Drowningman converge into one band, and people who pick this up based on who is in the band will get exactly what they expect, and then some. Dowload 2 mp3's here.
No-Fi Trash
  Also on Suburban Home a massive compilation entitled No-Fi Trash with bands like Promise Ring, Get Up Kids, Lagwagon, New Found Glory, Midtown, Hot Water Music, Allister, No Motiv, Bombshell Rocks, Cooter, Death By Stereo, The impossibles, Useless Id, Gamits, and much more! How's that for a comp?
Stand your Ground
  Side One Dummy will be releasing Los Angeles based Madcap's new CD, Stand Your Ground. It features 12 punk rock anthems about sticking it to the man and drinking a pint while you do it.
Will The Violins Be Playing? (CDS)
  Last Days Of April with Will The Violins Be Playing, a CDS on Bad Taste. This single is taken from the latest LDOA album “Angel Youth” and will also include a brand new song (Chainsaw Christmas) that was recorded together with Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside). Later this year there will be a full length: Two Hands and Ten Fingers.
Places you have Come to Fear the Most
  Chris Carraba started hi adventure as front-man for indie outfit Further Seem Forever with the concept of Dashboard Confessional rising out of his desire to play all of the songs he was writing, not just the ones that fit with the Further Seems Forever Sound. Since then Chris has devoted all of his time to his music and been on tour with acts such as Face To Face, New Found Glory, and the New Amsterdams just to name a few. Chris’ incredible vocal capabilities matched up with his brutally honest approach leaves audiences speechless. This brand new full length will undoubtedly evoke the same amazed reaction and broaden his audience even further. (source:
Lost Boys
  Classic early punk from Las Vegas' best! 37 tracks in all - includes Murder In A Foreign Place & Last Rites releases. Also includes : early demos, lost live tracks and some excellent studio demos that pre-dated their later work. Almost 80 minutes of soaring melodic punk and hardcore with plenty of power and variety. One of the all-time greats at the peak of their powers.
  News from the Belgian front: The Hors d'Oeuvres and Netbrake will head into the studio in February. Each band will contribute 5 brand new songs. Hopefully, the yet untitled split CD will be out on 25 March.
I'm Alive and on Fire
  13 songs of pure rock’n’roll. Back in Canada they are the hottest rock band around with sold out shows everywhere. Toured with bands like Beck and Hellacopters. After two EP releases in North America, this is their debut full-length in Europe! It contains 5 tracks from the "My Love Is Bold" EP, one song from the out of print self titled debut and another 7 tracks recorded around the same period!! Journalists have compared them to everything from AC/DC and Rocket From the Crypt to Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Rollins Band.
Operator Generator
  Operator Generator on Man's Ruin. Friends of High On Fire, and just as heavy. Imagine John Garcia on a good day and on a dairy free diet. File under heavy metal with the likes of High On Fire, Celtic Frost and Voivod.
Drunk Horse
Tanning Salon / ...
  Drunk Horse with Tanning Salon/Biblical Proportions on Man's Ruin. Two separate miniature concept records on one handy disc. They are still blues boogie with thick guitars, epic riffs, and hallelujah vocality.
Hurt Your Feelings
Six Weeks
  70+ minutes of hardcore punk mayhem from all over the world for a dirt cheap price. Featuring Abuso Sonoro, Intensity, What Happens Next, The Dread, Capitalist Casualties, Despite, The Neighbors, Ratos De Parao, Plutocracy, Voorhees, Forca Macabra and many more. Released through Six Weeks. (Source: Sonic Rendezvous)
The Living End Roll On Reprise
  The Living End, one of Australia's best and upcoming punk/pop bands will be releasing a new record called Roll On on March 27. More information about the release, as well as links to songs, can be found on Reprise Record's Website.
Further Seems Forever The Moon Is Down Tooth & Nail/Dead Droid
  Southern Florida band Further Seems Forever's first album for Tooth & Nail, and features the freshest, most beautiful American rock music you've heard in some time. After playing with Sense Field, Legends of Rodeo, and New Found Glory, FSF have written and recorded a collection of shimmering songs of smooth reflection and bent tonalities on an ocean floor of raw human need. For fans of rock and roll, including but not limited to, Jawbox, Sunny Day, Led Zep, and the Beatles. The band is a joint effort from members of three bands; shai hulud, strongarm, and the vacant andy's.
Deluxtone Rockets Green Room Blues Tooth & Nail
  Green Room Blues is The Deluxtone Rockets' second album, continuing the rumblin', fevered, black leather-clad, early rockin' twang of their swankabilly debut, but adds a grittier, tougher grasp of real life to the follow-up. This obsession with real, raw, honky-tonkin' American music has inspired great songs like "Judgment Day," "Darkest Night," "Wolftown Blues," and an unexpected but liberating cover of The Cure's "Lovesong."
Hotbox Lickity Split Telegraph Company
  Hotbox is done tracking their debut album Lickity Split at Coast Recording Studios in San Francisco. It was engineered by Justin Phelps whom has worked with Cake, Mr. Bungle, MIRV, Smashmouth, Chris Isaak and many more... The vocals were produced in part by Fat Mike of NOFX / Fat Wreck Chords. It'll be released by a NY label called The Telegraph Company records.
Late March
Oversized (B) Happy, In Between, or Sad? Funtime
  Belgian band Oversized will release a 10 track full length Happy, In Between, Or Sad? on the Funtime Records label. Listen to some of their mp3's at