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Deacon Black was born son of "Battling Jack" Black, a small time prize fighter who promised his wife on her death bed to make a better life for young Deacon than the one he led. Hence the elder Black urged his son to pursue the arts rather than become a athlete.


Deacon became a excellent art student...Then one day young Deacon saw a truck about to hit a blind man. Hurling himself in front of the truck, Deacon managed to save the man and himself from being struck. However, a canister of radioactive waste materials that the truck was carrying broke open nearby and Deacon was bombarded by radiation.


This unknown radiation not only gave him the power and passion to render his pencil drawings, but also mutagenically heightened his love for the ladies...


Young Deacon later learned how to use his augmented senses for all to share on eBay, and the World Wide Web......


This is a website were you can discover a part of Deacon's ultimate fantastic collection of artwork. Because Deacon's newest website built by kevin his webmaster is an complete collection and because of the fact that his former website at PMK (built by Paul Michael Kane) also have a complete collection of his older work......I decided to post here some of his not published artwork and a small collection of both websites. Enjoy it........


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