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The rats of Alpha Centauri, Estelle Sandfords rattery in Somerset, UK

Shunamite Rats, Alisons homepage (UK).

Shunamite Rats

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Hawthorn Rats, Toyah's home page (UK).

Pendragon Rats, Sue's home page (UK).

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Tethys Rattery

Tethys Rattery, Marion Benhams home page (UK).

Badrats, Rachaels page (UK).

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Cosmic Squeak Rattery, Simons page (UK).

Arrencrest, breeder of (European) huskies (UK).

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Lanies Rattery, Linda and Kelly's rattery (UK).

Milo Stud, Sarah's rattery (UK).

Blue Moon Rats

Eagles Eye Rattery, Emily Rose Godlevsky in Michigan, US.

Bella's site (US)

Spoiled Ratten Rattery, Elisabeth Brooks (US).

Raisin Rats Rattery, Missy Ruuds home page.

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Marwin Rattery

Breeding links

Ratbreeding, with an excellent genetics engine

Other rattie links

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Rat Care site

Virginia's Rat Page, with plenty of links about pet rats on the web!

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First Aid for small furries

Fallen Star Rats, Hayley's rattery home page.

The Dapper Rat, with lots of fun ratty things!