Air superiority in space must happen first to protect the ability of space assets to fulfill their various missions in peace and war time, secondly to ensure the freedom of action of Air and Ground Forces.

China and Russia have created reversible jamming capabilities that can disrupt global positioning and communications systems and develop high-end weapon systems involving directed energy up to demonstrate their ability to divert and/or destroy satellites…

Space is altogether a peacetime web and a warfighting field where friendly forces should cooperate in order to avoid their annihilation
Since 2014, the Russian Aerospace Force

is in charge of both dimensions, air and space, dimensions not only as air-delivered degradation of a potential enemy, but also pro-viding timely information of enemy threats (early warning capacities on the ground, in the air, and in space). The Aerospace Force is tasked with air and space defence, communication systems, intelligence assets, electronic warfare, unmanned aerial vehicles, automatic weapon system…
The Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan has been the launch site for Soviet and Russian space missions.

In 2018, China,

recognizing the importance of space-based information support to enable joint operations has created beside its Air Force a Strategic Support Force, dealing with space, cyber, and electronic warfare capabilities.
China has undertaken a record 25 launches successfully and is on track to create “a global, 24-hour, all-weather earth remote sensing system” by 2020. China’s GPS, is expanding from a regional capability to a system with global reach. China has even launched the world’s first quantum satellite and plans to launch constellations of micro- and nano-quantum satellites in order to create a future quantum Internet.
China has created beside its Air Force a Strategic Support Force, dealing with space, cyber, and electronic warfare capabilities.
Its Satellite Launch Center is located in Xichang south-west of China.

In 2019, France

announced she wants to compete with other "space" powers, like the United States.
A new command, dedicated to space affairs, will be created within the Air Force : the Army of Air and Space.
The French/European spaceport, Kourou in Guiana, South America, could be involved…

In 2019, the U.S.A.,

considering the Russian and Chinese threats, creates a Space Force Command inside the Department of the Air Force.
In order to achieve dominance in space, the to-be-developed Space Operations Force will include "joint space warfighters" who will "provide space expertise to the other forces in order to ensure that space capabilities are leveraged effectively in case of conflict.
In addition to a Space Operations Force, a Space Development Agency that would harness innovation in the field and deter bureaucratic drag, will be developed.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), located in Houston, Texas, will be associated. 


Let's not be blinded by the stars at the expense of earthly contingencies.

Far from the galactic threat, it exists since the last twenty years a worldwide threat stuck to the ground.
Its capacity to assemble (Islamic regime) and/or dissolve (dissiminated terrorist groups) , suffers little from highly sophisticated weapon systems.
The adequate countering means : web dominance, protected computer networks,
quick reaction alert force.
This can only be achieve with up to date assets of "CLOSE AIR SUPPORT": aircraft, helicopters, drones…