My 25 years in the FAé
I think my memories are not publishable in the conventional site BELGIAN MILITARY WINGS.
So I decided to retrace my time within the Air Force for the sake of truth probably "inappropriate" for some.
I apologize in advance and am prepared to pay the price with my CNA and official documents regarding my frustration.
Achievements from 1953 onwards
  • creation and command of the BAF Insruments Flying Unit for fighter pilots.
  • Ground Instrument Rating Examiner: "above average" USAF, "exceptional" BAF
  • instruments flying technic syllabus and examination set up - aerodynamics syllabus for fighter pilots
  • organisation of the first Beauvechain airshow
  • command and restoration of 349 squadron operational status, after the sacking of the C.O
  • admission with honours at the oral competition of the Staff College


  • conception and implementation of the low and high level search patterns for 2 ATAF
  • conception and implementation of the first Air Defence NATO bunker in Beauvechain
  • command of 350 squadron: rate 1 (maximum) for its tactical evaluation by 2 ATAF
  • salvage of the officers club bankrupcy (TAF Commander congratulations)
  • organisation of the national air meeting in Beauvechain (launching of the SLIVERS)
  • definition of the ECM philosophy for light fighters - presentation at the SHAPE and at the PENTAGON
  • development of the target towing system "shooting close detection" (tetraplan) for air gunnery training
  • investigations on the MIRAGE with asymmetric deficiencies and on the MIRAGE engine explosions
Conflicts from 1960 onwards
STAFF College
  • the teaching staff consisted mostly of flying personnel excluded from air operations (unsuitable pilot, navigators)
  • the tactical feasibility studies were submitted to obsolete dogmas (*), which could not be questioned
  • my outspokenness brought me to be removed for "non-conforming mind"
  • close support was provided to the Florennes trainees (**) by the Florennes Staff Brevet holders
  • the officers club was "partially" dedicated to the wives to the detriment of the officers - I complained to the Base C.O.
  • the management maintenance/food/flying during alert exercises was "erratic" - 350 SQD coordinated it
  • leaders and/or C.O. orders were often subjected to cronyism - origin of fatal accidents (3)
  • the 349 C.O. was relieved from command for dubious administrative reasons (officially: officers club mismanagement)
  • his successor had three mutinies, a new officers club mismanagement problem, he was maintained l
  • refusal to the Chief of Staff (M.O.D.) to truncate the ECM feasibility study in favour of French firms
  • call for help of 349 squadron during the air/air shooting campaign in Solenzara (pilots mutiny)
  • request to quote in Board of Honour the T.A.F. Commander and the Beauvechain Commander (written evidence)
  • proposal of the Chief of Staff to abandon the prosecution for a "profit-making" posting abroad
  • obtaining in exchange the direction of the Testing Unit "Service des Essais en Vol"
  • attempted corruption by the French Attache at his home dinner with the Russian and Hungarish military Attaches (***)
  • refusal of the offer of employment by a retired high ranking BAF officer in exchange of USAF E.C.M. information
  • refusal to deliver the MIRAGE with asymmetric deficiencies - formal order of the Air Staff to do so
  • recurrent MIRAGE engine explosions (3 accidents, 2 fatal) - the investigation of the S.E.V. is stifled by the Air Staff
  • NIKE, HAWK missiles, Interceptor aircraft were supposed to work in close cooperation without adequate inter-telecommunications
  • NIKE and HAWK were supposed to be redeployed, which made their coordination with the interceptors even more problematic …
  • patterns of responsibility was a precluded solution because against the principle of "economic" use of fighter aircraft: "permanent patrols"

  • the Florennes candidates who had failed at the oral examination were rescued, and regularly visited by their mentors (Florennes/BEMs)
  • most of them fought for the so called French Culture "MIRAGE", and, once retired, were involved in the French armament subsidiaries
  • the Russian and the Hungarish military Attaches wanted to convince me in favour of the MIRAGE F1, since I answered that I was not a decision maker, the wife of the French Military Attache answered: "peu importe, on le vendra aux Arabes".