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The Pentagon has a new combatant command.
Considering the threats including kinetic and non-kinetic activities from competitors such as China and Russia — and any future competitors who might gain space capabilities in the future, on the 29 of august 2019, the U.S. Secretary of Defense signed into creation U.S. Space Command, the 11th war-fighting command for the Defense Department in order to :
• deter potential adversaries in space,
• defend American assets in orbit,
• deliver war-fighting capabilities (such as GPS) to other combatant commands,
• develop joint war fighters to be able to operate in the space domain.

Advanced missile technology in the wrong hands threatens global security.
Countering the threat starts with early missile detection.

Maintainers have installed new wings to the venerable A-10 Thunderbolt, effectively breathing new life into a platform that is having trouble finding a suitable successor.

The 571st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron swapped wings on 162 A-10s at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, as part of the A-10 Enhanced Wing Assembly replacement program. An additional eleven wing sets were installed at Osan Air Base in the Republic of Korea.

According to Military & Aerospace Electronics, the new wings will last around 10,000 flight hours without the need of a depot inspection and are designed to be removed without as much structural stress that the previous generation was subjected to.

ALIS Autonomic Logistics Information System of the F-35 leaks …

ALIS is used by F-35 operators in virtually all stages of flying and sustaining the Joint Strike Fighter.
The system is used to plan and debrief missions, order spare parts, walk maintainers through repairs, and view technical data and work orders.
But some partners on the F-35 program worried that data flowing through ALIS to the United States — and to Lockheed Martin — could give both the U.S. military and the American defense contractor a window into that country’s flight operations, including when and where its F-35s are flying.
At the time, certain partners discussed working on their own solutions to the sovereign data issue: Israël, Australia, Italy, Norway…