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COMBAT SIMULATORS making real time flying obsolete

Electronic Combat Environment (ECE) simulation software are developed for the Air Force Air Combat Training Systems.
These training ranges provide pilots with real-time air and ground combat environments, which allow realistic evaluation of the pilots combat skills and weapon utilization. The simulations not only provide realistic hit/miss/probability of kill analysis for both threat and friendly weapons, but also provide the participants a factual “reason for miss” evaluation as an added feature to aid their understanding of weapon system capability and employment.

RADARS making the stealth technology obsolete

Stealth aircraft, particularly fighter-sized aircraft, have always been vulnerable to radars with longer wave-lengths in the UHF and VHF bands like those used in the F-35.
There is a good probability that the Russian S-400 can track the F-22 and the F-35.
Quantum radars are still a very long way from becoming a reality. However, there are plenty of technologies that can detect stealth aircraft like VHF and UHF-band AESA radars. As a result, stealth aircraft are not going to be quite as stealthy going forward.
The S-400 uses a radar which operates in the VHF band. It can frequency hop or broadcast in multiple frequencies at once. Advances in computing technology permit quality tracking with VHF long wavelengths. Apparently, the S-400 “Nebo” an AESA radar (Active Electronically Scanned Array) can defeat the F-35 “active stealth” system.
Surface-to-air missiles are just getting too good for even a stealth fighter to be expected to survive against modern SAMs.


If you were in Mr. Putin's position and needed the money from selling S-300/400/500 ground-2-air missile systems and the supporting air defense fighter systems like the SU-35 or the MIG-35, what would you claim?
Russia has long been much bigger on military PR and sales claims than on true accomplishments.
Russia also needs partners to help foot Russia's unnecessarily large military expenditures.

If you were in Mr. Trump’s position in order to keep manufacturing afloat, public funding in one form or another, and in particular on outlays for weaponry, is a must. Roughly 10 percent of the $2.2 trillion in factory output in the United States goes into the production of weapons. One way to recover, sell abroad with minimum risk of compromising security: NATO.

What about NATO, Turkey included ?

ECE new systems are forecasted to operate from a dedicated new facility from 2021 (Charleroi/Belgium ?), with Leonardo (Italy) supplying four additional M-346 aircraft.  
Discussions are underway with training specialists to support

The first batch of S-400 is actually deploying in Turkey, their total deployment will be finalized around April 2020.