The F-35 shoots faster than his shadow… without visual contact !
A full decade ahead of anything being produced by Russia or China currently because of its stealth, sensor system, and AI ability in controlling airspace.

Israeli F-35
s have been flying missions over Tehran recently, mapping potential targets and air defense systems, without being detected. (from the stongest to the weakest)

Norwegians declare one F-35,
can defeat 7 F-16s simultaneously when dogfighting. (home playground)
Peacetime scenarios
When used with arsenal planes and controlling the terminal flight of their missiles, it is entirely within the realm of possibility for a single F-35 to kill upwards of a hundred enemy planes in one engagement…,
without the enemy having a clue even where the missiles are coming from

These peacetime successes are achieved without external interference…
The opposite players
Russia and China, the potential interferences, have hitherto avoided the mass production of equivalent aircraft (expensive) preferring to develop counter measures annihilating the cybernetic qualities of the F-35.
It is less expensive, to jam and/or hijack communication systems, to embezzle A.I. assets including their sensors, than to produce series of sophisticated fighter aircraft.

Chess pawns are dependent on the player's intelligence for checkmate.
Rampant troops
What about the close air support of ground troops where friend / foe interference is constant ?
Theoretically, peacetime witnessing, ground targets can be eliminated from the distant air chessboard of the F-35 : close air support from 20.000 feet an above …
Considering that the F-35 will devote its efforts to achieving air superiority, despite enemy interference conditions, it is unlikely that it will be able to dedicate at the same time a "so called" cybernetic ground support.
Alternate scenario
In these circumstances, close air support could only be provided independently, by dedicated close flying vehicles manned and/or unmanned : aircraft, helicopters, drones.
The price to pay for Belgium in order to avoid bankruptcy …, and play a NATO role.

This "close air support gap" could be fulfilled by small countries, such as Belgium,
for which the purchase and implementation of the F-35 exhausts the budget to the point (supporting evidence) to make its Air Force starving from peacetime training on.

The price to pay to free oneself from the"U.S. coercicion" :

                    " lose the (questionable) nuclear retaliation capability…"