DISCOVERIES of the 20th century
In the twentieth century, Einstein discovered relativity, Rutherford the nucleus of the atom, Bohr the quantum theory, Turing the computer, Wright the airplane, Braun the rocket, Karem the drone.
Their discoveries are the basics of the 21st century military advancements.

The extension of the military operational theater
Whether we like it or not, the conquest of the air has reached a peak where earth and outer spaces are from now on a whole belonging to unmanned and human incursions and occupations.

Air predominance gives slowly place to cosmos predominance


The world R/D competition
United States, Russia, China, India, Europe are engaged in a race to build fast acting computerized offensive hypersonic weapons shortening the delay between launch and impact to minutes…
To counter this new threat, defensive weapons using the same technology are developed, such as :
laser beams, space interceptors, cyber counter measures

Results :
- computer dependency is a must and a weakness
  From R/D on to implementation Information technology (IT) and artificial   intelligence   (AI) are the mandatory tools opening a new battlefield : hacking
- breakthrough monopolies are ephemeral : the R/D race is universal.
The balance of forces is quickly equivalent

The Airforce battlefield may be computerized and cosmologic but …

At ground level
The air support means (C.A.S.), manned and unmanned, given the dispersion and the instantaneous mobility of the targets, may still require visual contact besides the vulnerable computerized aids.
Above ground level
In case of equivalent nations conflicts the air and space (cosmos) predominance seems a lure since similar sophisticated weapon systems will be opposed : only temporary and local air/space superiority can be achieved.

In case of disproportionate opposition
(e.g. last twenty years conflicts) air superiority may be spontaneous and the weapons computerization becomes a tremendous advantage.

According to Stephen Hawking, new technologies may well become our own downfall in agreement with Newton's principle that any action generates an "opposite" reaction…
CAUTION: the best can be the enemy of the good  and the cyber world is far from a panacea
The cyber implementation is :
a dissuasion factor in case of equivalency.  
an advantage in case of disproportion.    
a field vulnerable to attacks of a new kind : viruses. - some inexpensive, out of the common commercial shelf.
    - some more surreptitious, developed by competitors, spread out   as soon as the R/D design is undertaken.
Considering the necessary or questionable proliferation of computer applications, the resilience to viruses becomes mandatory for the freedom of action, taking into account that they may :
interfere in all computer spectrums including sensors connections,
proliferate in conjunction with computer applications…
be cheap (usable for terrorism) or expensive ( world power rivalry), but in any case less expensive to develop and produce than the mass production of the sophisticated weapons to which they are associated …