Dingemanse - Crombez

You have arrived at the homepage ofJohan Dingemanse and Christy Crombez. We live in Belgium. On 5 July 2002 our son, Bram, was born and our life revolves around him since.

Johan started a long time ago to find his forefathers, in the dark times when there were no computers and there was no internet. The earliest forefather is Leijn Jacobsen Goedertier according to an orphanage document. Since then all the information has been entered in the computer and is Johan roaming the internet for data.

Our main goal is to create a database of all people with the names Dingemanse and/or Goedertier. The second target is to find al Brams forefathers and -mothers, I think it is called a Kukkelberg.

If you have additional data please feel free to E-mail us.


Most infromation on these pages is derived from the internet. This data is as valid as the person thet put it on line. Use it as a guide and verify whenever possible.

The direct line of Dingemanse/ Goedertier predecessors has been researched at the archives and on the site of Gen Lias and ISIS, this data is reliable.  The sources supplying the information for the Riemens and the Pladdet branches are reliable too and their data has been poublished with permission. The information about the Derous familye has been researched by Georges Derous. Note that most of the persons from his researched are listed with their first names and not with their full christian names.


The information has been brought on line using ged2www. The data is consise, the full details will be provided when you contact us.

All persons born after 1900 without a known time of death are listed as living, without showing any dates, to protect their privacy. If this means dead people are listed as living we appologise sincerely. Provide us with the correct data and we will correct this imediately.