Contains 45 stereo pictures in 3D of Thailand.
Includes stereo pictures of Grand palace, Ayutaya, the Lord Buddha, Bangkok.
Viewable in anaglyph, parallel, cross eyes. includes useful links for do-it-yourself.
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home page - index All right reserved - commercial use prohibited - 2002 - no modifications, or integration of the pictures and stereo couples above in any kind of support allowed without written consent. - diffusion allowed only for illustration purpose and with the tagged address and Exif data
© Didier Leboutte 2003
3D pictures of Thailand - Ayutaya
3D pictures of Thailand - Buddha
3D pictures of Thailand - Bangkok
3D pictures of Thailand - King Rama V
3D pictures of Thailand - Great Palace
Didier's 3D travel in Thailand
45 stereo pictures
How to use the viewer in the galleries ?
choose your favourite 3D viewing method:
(parallel, crossed, anaglyph stereo picture).
click on the down arrow right and choose zoom.
Use '+' and '-' to zoom in and zoom out.
Resize the applet's window as any normal windows
Click on browser view to open 3D picture in browser

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All 3d Stereo pictures have been processed with
StereoBee version 1.15
Warning ! 3D Stereo pictures are more than 100 Kb !
3D Stereo pictures may take a(very)long time to load !