Diabolic Digest is edited by Khaled Diab. He works, in that ancient Egyptian tradition, as a scribe well, a senior editor at a Brussels-based communications company producing EU publications. He is also a freelance journalist and writer and a regular contributor to The Guardian. He writes about various topics related to the Middle East, the European Union, Egypt and Belgium. He also dabbles in fiction and theatre. He lives with his beautiful and brilliant wife, Katleen, in the university city of Gent. In true liberal fashion, he also lives with an attractive blonde, Kuku the blue-eyed Siamese cat.





Katleen Maes is a victim assistance expert with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines and is the final editor and lead researcher on Fatal Footprint, which measures the human impact of cluster munitions, as part of the global coalition to ban this deadly weapon. She is also a conflict resolution and sustainable peace expert specialising in the Middle East. In addition, she writes for various publications. She lives in the university city of Gent with her husband, Khaled, and Kuku, the feline fatale.



Dr Kuku is the real brains behind the outfit and, like all great puppeteers, pulls her strings discreetly. She has been running her own diabolical experiments on Katleen and Khaled for the past few years.








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