ISSUE Forty-six!


April 2009


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Israel’s other Arabs

A new book lifts the veil off Israel’s Arab face and shows how, like the Palestinians, Middle Eastern Jews fell victim to political forces beyond their control. Read on


Rebel without a hope

Like an ageing rocker, Muammar el-Gaddafi is on a mission to rid Africa of poverty and conflict. But are his dreams of a United State of African to prove as futile as his earlier visions of Arab unity? Read on


States of confusion

As the dust settles on Gaza, is the best vision for the future of the Middle East a one, two or three-state solution? Read on



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The Middle East media frontline

Pro-Israelis and pro-Palestinian need to join forces and find common ground in the no-man’s-land of the media battlefield.

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Flower power in Gaza

The Dutch have employed some novel flower power to persuade Israel to relax its embargo on Gaza. Now it’s time to end the blockade. Read on


Attack of the killer texts

Rumours of deadly SMS messages are symptoms of a worrying trend in Egypt – the unstoppable rise of superstition. Read on


On a ring and a prayer

God now has a number. Sadly, it goes straight to voicemail, but I’ve got my messages ready. Read on


Trouble in the Baltic

The turmoil submerging Latvia is an example of ‘drizzle-down’ economics in action and has implications for the rest of Europe. Read on


Integration and its discontents

Are religious immigrants within their rights to boycott an 'unspeakable' integration course in Belgium? Read on


Survival of the nicest

The emerging notion that genes can be ‘selfless’ as well as ‘selfish’ suggests that working for the greater good is natural. Read on


A brief history of brainy women

Where does Gail Trimble fit in the brainy women’s hall of fame? Read on


Puppy love for ever

The adult world shouldn't dismiss childhood romances as cute follies – first loves can leave a lasting impression. Read on






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