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My personal motto is : "without athwart-liers, the train will go nowhere..¨

I'm known to do things not quite in the usual manner, slightly differently. 2 extremes in a single sip, I'm always very flexible either like an elastic band or like a steel vault door, and i'm not very diplomatic about it : what you see is what you get.

I use a lot of words to explain things, so when i take my time to expatiate for your benefit, don't tell me to come to the point ... I am just filling is your blanks and I hate superficiality and shallowness.

I was born and raised in Belgium and tri-lingual.
I'm a native Dutch speaker, I also speak English and French in near-to-native manner, my German isn't perfect.

A disussion is held based on arguments, reaching compromise is not an evangilisation process, so please don't try to convert me to your particular beliefs, respect mine as i do yours.

Some call me a hedonist, I will not dispute that, life has too many beautiful and savoury things to offer, things to enjoy that i don't want to waste my time with the ugly and disgusting things. I like to savour nice drinks, I love to taste and prepare good food, good music can move me to tears and I love the company of my friends. I like snowcovered mountains and skiing, but also the shores and the sea, and I enjoy cruising around in classic cars.

I hate people who think they should inflict social barriers upon others in order to maintain their priviledged lifestyle. I don't rank or classify people, not for the colour of their skin, their gender, their social class, their age, their sexual orientation or their beliefs, ... I've fought all my life against the casual, the obvious and the institutionalised disenfranchising of people, that people are subjected to from the day they're born.

Contact Details

Derek V Giroulle
Antwerpen, Belgium

RESUME - Education

Antwerp port & diamonds

Antwerp University

Master Applied Economics June 1982

I decided to study Economics, for 2 reasons : the port and the international diamond trade in my home town Antwerp, and to understand what potential users of "personal computers" would want their new tool to do for them .

In 1978 the closest things to a personal computer was the Aplle II, the PET-Commodore and the Amiga, and the closest thing to a networked (desktop) business computer was the Wang 2200VP.
At university the maths department offered computer studies according to the mainframe paradigm, which in 1978 was already hopelessly obsolete only they hadn't yet realised that fact. As the mainframe approaches its 60th anniversary realise that the 2015 smartphone like the Samsung S6 or the Apple IPhone 5 have nearly 3 times the equivalent computing power of a Cray2 supercomputer and dwarf the 70ś IBM370 145 in the order of 106

So I studied for an MBA,and I have well-founded knowledge about accountancy, international trade, the national (and international) economy, taxes, social security, policy-making, sociology and how to organise a business.

Let nobody ever fool you in thinking that economists are scientists or engineers, they are neither, at best they are artists, society and the economy are their canvas but apart form some brush strokes they will never paint a perfect picture that reflects their supposed genial insight, many tried all of them failed.

RESUME - Experience

Political work

Patient advocate (Sobrevivire) 2009 - present

As a Patient Advocate i represent young survivors of cancer, brain tumours and rare diseases, their families suffering the consequences of the disease. My theme of particular expertise is the subject of poverty caused by disease and prolonged chronic care. I attend meetings in forums like the European or Belgian parliament, conferences by the cancer research organisations like EORTC, rare disease organisations like EURORDIS or Civil society poverty platforms like "Netwerk Tegen Armoede"(be). Together with my associatoin, we organise information sessions for patient organisations or other interested organisations.

Personal Assistant to a Senator (Belgian Federal Senate) 2010 - 2015

As a PA i researched relevant political matters, i prepared parliamentary questions and interventions, roundtables and conferences, on diverse subjects for the senator. Matters included human rights, immigration policy, discrimination and racism, poverty and health issues, econmic policy, Millennium goals etc...

Freelance Consultant

Interim ICT management 2008 - 2010

As Interim ICT manager I had the oversight of an ICT support team providing services and support for the business and for the development department. This involved the complete spectrum of activities within the scope of ITIL

Infrastructure architect and project management 1989 - 2008

My ICT-infrstaructure career started at the bottom with support, and ended with the function of Architect and project manager. The keyskill is ITIL, my generalist approach is a key succes factor to understand complex x-platform architectures, and the intricacies of large-, medium- and small-scale invironments, LAN, WAN, RAN and GAN.

Business Process architect and project management 1989-2015

My education as an economist and keen interest for the business as a process, allowed me to grasp the essntials of a business quickly and accurately. Like any system that transforms input into output, a business will fail to produce the desired results if either the input or the process is flawed. The latter is not so difficult to detect and can be remedied, the first is often obvious but beyond the control of the enterprise.

Security Expert 1989-present

I have a particular knack for matters related to security, both in everyday life, in an enterprise or public service and in society as a whole, wether it concerns the virtual or the physical world. I'm one of the founders of Eicar in 1991. During 1991 the IEEE-conference in New York, i presented a paper that applied the concept of business/operational integrity to the virtual side of an enterprise and proposed a holistic approach to contingency and catastrophy planning covering both the physical and virtual side of an enterprise using military tactics. I developped minimal intrusion protocols to defend enterprise ICT networks against malware, and erradication protocols for infected departments or enterprise sites. Based on the study of malicious hacking and developments in computer malware, i also predicted the advent of large scale data theft, ransomware and counterfeit information as future forms of computer malware.


Over the years I acquired a broad skill-set. This is by choice, specialisation isn't my style. I do appreciate working with specialists, but I prefer to keep the oversight, work form the global picture, being able to go back to the helicopter view, see how things fit together.

  • Business Processes, Architecture and Management
  • ITIL - ICT and Infrastructure Management
  • Project Management Prince 2
  • Scrum / Agile
  • Technical and functional Analysis
  • UML
  • Networking & x-platform Architectures
  • Testing, TAT/UAT, Integration and E2E testing
  • Security

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