Leni Riefenstahl Tiefland

Subtitles for DVD

By Luc Deneulin


Mayoral: What do you want?

A peasant: Mr. Mayoral, the stream has been diverted

Mayoral: So what?

A peasant: It has been dry for one year now. We need water for our fields.

Mayoral: Is that water yours?

A peasant: It belongs to us all, Sir. It comes from above

Mayoral: So

A peasant: Mr. Mayoral, we beg you, let the stream flow freely again

Mayoral: No, the Marquis needs that water for his bulls


Amelia: Be careful. Don't be so nervous

Mayor: I hope he'll come today Should I send someone at the castle to ask?

Amelia: He'll come today

Mayor: Try to look a bit more joyful, Amelia

Amelia: He can get my money also with the way I look now

Mayor: But he is the Marquis of Roccabruna, don't forget that

Amelia: The Marquis is a beggar. Someone should finally tell him.

Mayor: Be careful! If not everything will be over.

Amelia: When I'll be there, the first one I'll throw out is Don Camillo

Mayor: Today he asked for his commission again

Amelia: After the wedding! Give him half of his commission now.

Mayor: It will be a great honor for the family when you will be the marchioness

Amelia: In fact it's too much money for this honor



Don Camillo: Mr. Marquis, it's time. The mayor has been waiting in vain three times already.

Marquis: Is there no other solution?

Don Camillo: The Mayor of Huesca is a rich man

Marquis: I don't like that woman

Don Camillo: But the Mayor is very rich and Donna Amelia is his only daughter. Next week, parts of your debts have to be paid. And there is no money left.

Marquis: What about moneylenders?

Don Camillo: Impossible not the ones in Barcelona nor those in Madrid. And besides, everything here is in pawn.

Marquis: But why do I have so many debts? How is that possible?

Don Camillo: If you don't trust my words, I can also leave.

Marquis: Nonsense, Camillo But tell me: what about the rent the peasants pay?

Don Camillo: Since you had this weir built, the peasants have no more water. So their harvests are really bad.

Marquis: I can't let my bulls die. The best bulls of the province.

Don Camillo: The province? The whole kingdom you mean.

Marquis: Well then let's go!



One of the girls: Do you like the food Pedro?

Other girl: Why don't you come more often?

Pedro: I like to be alone in the mountains

Other girl: You cannot remain alone all your life.

Pedro: I really love to be alone

Other girl: Did you find that pelt? Or did your sheep kill the wolf?

Pedro: Found?

Old lady: Don't laugh like that, stupid girls. Pedro, here's some flour. Do you still have salt?

Pedro: No

Old lady: Then I'll give you some to take with you

A girl: Pedro, which one of us all do you like?

Pedro: None!

A girl: Do you already have a girl? And how does she look like? Is she prettier than I?

Pedro: Yes

A girl: Don't leave so quickly Pedro!

Old lady: Here is the salt

Pedro: Thanks Josefa

Old Lady: Don't you want to leave that pelt here?

Pedro: No, I'll come back when Don Sebastian is at home

Old lady: Bye bye

Girls: Bye bye. Come back soon!


Mayor: Please, the sixty-year-old Malaga wine!

Waiter: Immediately Sir!

Don Sebastian: Very old. Can I ask you for a glass of water?

Donna Amelia: Water for the Marquis!!!

Donna Amelia (to Don Sebastian): May I ask you for your arm?

Don Sebastian: With pleasure

Mayor: The Marquis is in a good mood I hope?

Don Camillo: Of course everything will work out well

Mayor: It would be a happy marriage

Donna Amelia: What a lovely night But the Marquis seems thinking Would you share your thoughts with me?

Don Sebastian: I was just wondering how I could express myself

Donna Amelia: Oh something special?

Don Sebastian: Very I have been thinking about it for days.

Donna Amelia: I beg you, express yourself.

Don Sebastian: I am wondering how I could enlarge my bull breeding

Donna Amelia: The bulls your real passion. Is it profitable?

Don Sebastian: I don't keep bulls to earn money. But I wanted to ask something else, Donna Amelia: would you want to become my wife?

Dona Amelia: Your wife? Ah I understand You need money. Well, I'll think about it.

Mayor: My child, what happened?

Dona Amelia: Leave me alone

Mayor: Sir

Don Sebastian: My best regards to Donna Amelia

Mayor: Are you leaving already?

Don Sebastian: "Bonsoir"

Mayor: Music please!


Donna Amelia: The Marquis will pay for this!!! He'll pay for this

Mayor: But my child calm down.

Donna Amelia: I'll have him on his knees. It will be finished with his arrogance when he knows who has his promissory notes the beggar of Roccabrona


Don Sebastian: Ha ha ha

Don Camillo: You are laughing, but I'll have to fix it!

Don Sebastian: Let's go


Don Sebastian: Wait for me

Pedro: Don Sebastian

Don Sebastian: What do you want?

Pedro: I'm bringing you a wolf's pelt.

Don Sebastian: Did you kill the wolf?

Pedro: yes Sir, I killed it.

Don Sebastian: I'll give you one Deuro for every wolf you kill Go back to your sheep.


Don Sebastian: Come to the castle tonight. She should dance for me.

A man: Wait here!

Don Sebastian: Welcome in my house

Martha's musician: At your service, Sir

Don Sebastian: Go to the kitchen, there you can eat And you come with me.

Don Camillo: He little friend, come! You cannot expect that you will sit at the same table as them.

Don Sebastian: Do you like it here? What's your name?

Martha: Martha

Don Sebastian: Martha Tell me about yourself Martha.

Martha: There is not much to tell, Sir. We wander along the roads and stop when we find inns, then I dance there.

Don Sebastian: Where did you learn to dance?

Martha: I never learnt it

Don Sebastian: So it's a natural talent. And this guy is you lover?

Martha: No, Sir

Don Sebastian: You cannot fool me

Martha: Yet it is the truth. I'm just happy to be able to dance

Don Sebastian: But you are not letting me have a drink alone? Come Drink with me To your beauty.


Musician: Oh Sir, I know where it is

Don Camillo: Yes? Then get up

Nando: Pedro!

Pedro: Nando!

Nando: Hi Pedro

Pedro: Hi Nando!

Nando: I'm glad to be in the mountains again

Pedro: Do you come from the low land?

Nando: Yes, but here, I feel a free man. Do you have anything to drink?

Pedro: I have plenty of milk.

Nando: Where are your sheep grazing?

Pedro: At the lake

Nando: Do you have many lambs?

Pedro: Sixteen!

Nando: I had twelve but the golden eagle took two

Pedro: Were you in Roccabrona?

Nando: You have changed Pedro since I was here last. That's a while ago.

Pedro: Changed, you say Yes Nando, before I was happy that the sun was shining only for myself and the sloes were scented only for me. Now, I would like to share everything that is nice and makes me happy with a woman.

Nando: Do you anything about women?

Pedro: I never was with a woman

Nando: You'll find women only in the lowland. And the lowland is bad. The women there are possessed by the devil

Pedro: I know one and I'm even prepared to fight with the devil Yes, I know one.


Don Sebastian: Come Choose something Make yourself beautiful That's the way you should look for me! You're to good to wanderand dancing in inns. The old guy, the musician, he's not your father is he? Does he beat you? I won't let you go back to him. I want you to stay here. Say you want stay I love you and want you to love me too.

Don Sebastian: Listen here. You have beaten that girl.

Musician: No

Don Sebastian: I'll have you whipped out for that. When you're still here in an hour, the dogs will kill you. Go! And now.


Man: I can't give you more. Only one bucket per person.

Man: Good day Don Sebastian

Don Sebastian: Is everything all right?

Man: Yes Sir.


Old woman (to Don Sebastian) You devil!


Josefa: Here we believe that the devil can take possession of people. He's good to you, as good as he can be. But the peasants call him the wolf.

Martha: How could we help the peasants?

Josefa: You can't, I can't None of us can.

Martha: I'll talk to him.

Josefa: He'll beat you

Martha: No, he'll not beat me.

Don Sebastian: I have a surprise for you. I want to give you this. Now it's yours.

Martha: I have a request

Don Sebastian: Anything you want!

Martha: The peasants have been waiting for hours

Don Sebastian: I know what they want

Martha: Talk to them that's my request

Don Sebastian: All right, I'll do it.


Don Sebastian: Well

A peasant: Sir, the village is in distress. The well has run out. We must have water!

Don Sebastian: Ah! You must

Peasant: Our cattle die of thirst, the fields are dry. The corn is burned. If you don't give the water, we cannot pay the rent.

Don Sebastian: Then I'll have chased away

A peasant: Sir! Will you give us the water?

Don Sebastian: Go


Woman: What do you want?

Martha: I have to talk to you. Take this for the rent. I want to help you. Goodbye.

Woman: Natario, did you fix it?

Man: Yes.

Woman: The millstones are turning again

Man: Yes, the millstones are turning again

Woman: Today is our lucky day. We can pay the rent. That foreign girl gave us this.

Man: Who?

Woman: The girl from the castle

Man: Don't you know it belongs to that monster? We do not need charity. We just want our rights, do you understand? Our rights!

Don Sebastian: You did not pay attention to what happened, why? You swine. You should watch out! Go! These idiots all the same.

Martha: What are you going to do?



Woman: Natario Natario No more water.

Natario: The monster


Don Camillo: Donna Martha has a good hart. She's very generous with the gift you give her. Natario, the miller brought the necklace back. He said he doesn't need charity.

Don Sebastian: Martha! You are not wearing the necklace. Did you lose it?

Martha: No.

Don Sebastian: What did you do with it? Answer me!

Martha: I gave it to the miller so he could pay the rent.

Don Sebastian; What?! Here Put it on.

A man: You have been seen at the weir last night. And you own rent to the Marquis, one year of rent. Now it's enough. You'll be thrown out.


Don Sebastian: Martha Martha! Camillo, did you see Donna Martha?

Don Camillo: Donna Martha? She left the house A few hours ago.

Don Sebastian: Ask my men to search for her.

Don Camillo: All right.

Don Sebastian: Any idea where she could be?

Josefa: Did you beat her?


Don Camillo: One day you'll be able to rule, Donna Amelia

Donna Amelia: First there has to be a wedding.

Don Camillo: That's why I came.

Donna Amelia: Let's see the debts of Aviedo ten thousand.

Don Camillo: And another for Aviedio, six thousand.

Donna Amelia: But sixteen thousand were was already paid How much is outstanding?

Don Camillo: Here I have..

Donna Amelia: I know very well.. if it's a lot, it's too much for me.

Don Camillo: And here two creditors: both ten thousand

Donna Amelia: Thank you so much!

Don Camillo: And then here.. two, eight, nine thousand

Donna Amelia: Every time it's more. You promised me to get rid of that slut.

Don Camillo: But Donna Amelia, please

Donna Amelia: You keep telling me he'll throw her out like all the others. I'm still waiting!!! Maybe she will become the Marquise of Roccabruna

Don Camillo: There is no reason to get upset. She left already.

Donna Amelia: Really?

Don Camillo: Yes, I succeeded

Donna Amelia: You? Maybe he got tired of here?

Don Camillo: Mmm with a helping hand

Donna Amelia: Well, let's go back to business. How much is the total?

Don Camillo: A grand total of 35.000.

Donna Amelia: All right. Tomorrow it will be paid. But it's the last time

Don Camillo: Your words sound hard, Donna Amelia 50.000 for a Marquisit's a bargain.


Man: Sir, we found this in the hills at Campo Verde

Don Sebastian: Anything else?

Man: That's all, Sir. We really looked everywhere.

Don Sebastian: If you can't find her I'll have you flogged.


Pedro: (to his dog) Hey

Martha: Water water The peasants the peasants

Pedro: Calm down calm down I am with you.

Man: Ha ha Come here! Oh she's hurt.

Other man: Caramba!

Pedro: I'm coming with you

Man: You stupid boy, she's from the castle.


Don Sebastian: You you

Don Sebastian: What do you wish?

Mayor: Sir, just a few small things.

Don Sebastian: These are my promised notes.. Ah! So Maybe next year if the harvest is good.

Mayor: I'm afraid I cannot wait till next year

Don Sebastian: What does that mean?

Mayor: I'll have to foreclose

Don Sebastian: My dear Mayor

Don Camillo: I think there is a solution

Mayor: Of course but the insult my daughter has suffered this must be made good.

Don Sebastian: So?

Mayor: You must keep your promise to marry her. But first that woman must go!

Don Sebastian: Out!

Mayor: Sir

Don Sebastian: Out!

Mayor: We'll see who throws whom out

Don Sebastian: Damn.. Well, any advice? You're always so clever.

Don Camillo: There is no advice I can give.

Don Sebastian: Does he mean it?

Don Camillo: Yes..

Don Sebastian: Giving up Martha no way

Don Camillo: You don't have to get rid of Donna Martha. There is a solution

Don Sebastian: What kind of solution?

Don Camillo: Donna Martha could be married off.

Don Sebastian: Are you crazy?

Don Camillo: We'll find her a husband. He doesn't have to be a real husband. Pay someone from the village to give his name. Donna Martha will be near to you. It will not bother Donna Amelia and you will be free of debt.

Don Sebastian. Not bad. That's the solution! We'll house the young couple in the house with the mill. It's not too far away.


Martha: Does anyone live up there?

Woman: Only the shepherd.

Martha: Yes, the shepherd.

Josefa: His man brought you back

Martha: Josefa, I want to leave

Josefa: Wherever you go, you can't escape him.

Don Sebastian: Let us alone. I need to talk to Martha. Why did you run away? Where you afraid? There is no reason for that.

Martha: Pleas Sir, let me go.

Don Sebastian: No, we shall stay together forever. Here.

Martha: Forever?

Don Sebastian: Yes. You think I'm the wealthy master of Roccabruna. But I absolutely don't own anything, everything is in pawn. A rich marriage is my only way out.

Martha: You want to marry? Then I'll be free.

Don Sebastian: You will also marry

Martha: I?

Don Sebastian: I've already chosen a husband for you.

Martha: Oh no!

Don Sebastian: It's just a mock marriage. You'll bear his name, nothing more. In reality you will remain my wife.

Martha: And that man?

Don Sebastian: He gets the mill in return. I'll never let you go. Never again. You hear? I need you. I'll rather kill you than let you go.

Nando: Pedro! I have news for you.

Pedro: What's the matter?

Nando: Don Sebastian told me to come to you. He wants you to become a miller.

Pedro: What? In the lowland? A miller?

Nando: Yes. An order of Don Sebastian. And you're getting married, to the woman his men found in your hut.


Pedro: What??? What did you say? The woman who was in my hut?

Nando: Yes, you have to marry her

Pedro: Have you seen her? Do you know her?

Nando: No, I was told you saved her, that's all. As a reward she'll be your wife.

Pedro: You, old man.. are you making fun of me?

Nando: Of course not! Son Sebastian ordered me to tell this to you. And I must take your place here.

Nando: What's happening? Are you out of your mind?

Pedro: You know Nando, I never thought I'd see her again. I was walking in Roccabruna. At the tavern I heard music and then I saw her for the first time. She was dancing. She was so lovely Nando. I forgot everything. And now she's to be my wife? Our master is very kind. How can I thank him?

Nando: Pedro, you do not know the lowland. People are different there. Not good.

Pedro: Nando I'm not afraid. Goodbye.


Josefa: Don't cry don't cry

A girl: The bridegroom is downstairs

Martha: Send him away

Josefa: Tell him to wait in front of the church

A girl: Yes

Don Sebastian: I'll come to see you tonight tonight.

Pedro: Martha, finally you came.


Don Sebastian: Friend! A toast to love! Three cheers for my beautiful bride!


Pedro: Martha My dear Martha I'll make some fire. () Why don't you look at me? Come, sit here next to me.

Martha: Leave me alone

Pedro: Leaving you alone? Martha

Martha: Don't touch me.

Pedro: But what's the matter? Don't you like me?

Martha: I despise you

Pedro: You despise me? But why?

Martha: You took the mill

Pedro: I preferred my hut!

Martha: Why did you marry me then?

Pedro: Because I love you

Martha: You love me?

Pedro: Yes.

A man: She's not yours, stupid guy!

Pedro: what did you say?

Man: Let me go.

Pedro: Come here.

Pedro: Beg her pardon. He insulted you.

Martha: I beg you let him go

Pedro: I should let him go?

Martha: Please, for my sake

Pedro: If you want

Man: You fool! You fool!



Donna Amelia: Oh I was looking for you

Don Sebastian: My dearest Amelia, I'm sorry but I have to go and meet someone for my cattle

Donna Amelia: But I don't like to be alone without you



Martha: Pedro.. Pedro Come in. Come, don't leave me alone

Pedro: But didn't you tell me to leave you alone?

Martha: Forget it

Pedro: And that you despise me? Do you know something I don't? Maybe that's why they all laugh at me?

Martha: If you love, don't ask me anything

Pedro: Whom can I ask? You know something. Why are they laughing? Everyone knows something I don't know. But now I want to know: why are they laughing? Why am I a fool? Why? Why? You Is there someone else?

Martha: Yes yes

Don Sebastian: It's our wedding night

Martha: Let me go!

Don Sebastian: That's the way I like you best

Martha: Pedro! Pedro!

Pedro: Try and take my wife if you dare.

Don Sebastian: Get out; I'm the master here

Pedro: You are the wolf