The complete version of Tag der Freiheit (28 minutes) contains a speech by Hitler to the army. This version was shown as from the end of 1935 together with the film Der Höhere Befehl (G. Lamprecht).

As from 1937 a short version (18 minutes) was made that consisted only out of visual material. The latter version is what is mostly seen.




Soldiers of our new Reichswehr, for the second time formations of the Army and Navy came together on this field, for the first time in Germany that is free to defend itself
From now on, every young German who is considered worthy by the nation will join your ranks.
Each of you has to sacrifice his personal freedom. Each one must submit to order and discipline, but each must also have strength and endurance and above all, a high sense of duty. Those who are under the impression that this sacrifice must be coerced out of a German, are mistaken.
German men have gladly sacrificed in the past centuries, and take also pride in doing this; You, comrades, carry in your weapons and on your helmets an unprecedented inheritance, you are not an artificially created being, some one devoid of tradition, which has no past. Whatever exists in the German citizens, takes a back seat to the tradition of what you must embody in that tradition. When you stand here armed with steel and iron, it is because we consider it necessary to rebuild the honor of the German people. To the extent that this honor has been in the hands of our soldiers, no one in this world has ever managed to take it from us. You are not required to eam further fame and glory for the army. That, it has already. You have only to maintain it. Then the German people will love you, then this German people will believe it's maintained and the education of the German people will be assured. You became men. We want all German youth to go through the same education, to become the same men as you are. We want to create a generation which is strong, loyal, trusworthy, obedient, and decent, so we will not be ashamed of our country when we face the demands of history. That is the request of the nation, its hope and its demand of you. I know you will fulfil this hope, this demand and this request, because you are soldiers of the nation.