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1. Which of the following teams didn't win the national championship this season (1997-1998) ?
Ajax Amsterdam
FC Porto
Bayern Munich
FC Bruges

2. Which European Club is this season accused of bribing the referee during the semi final of the Europacup in 1984 ?
AC Milan
Sparta Praag
Nottingham Forest

3. Who won 'Le ballon d'or' in 1997 ?
George Weah
Zinidine Zidane
Roberto Carlos
Allessandro Del Piero

4. Juventus is for the third year in a row playing the final of the UEFA Champions League nevertheless a few defeats in the qualifying rounds. Which of the following teams won their game against Juve in the qualifying rounds ?
Dynamo Kiev
Feyenoord Rotterdam
FC Kosice
Paris Saint Germain

5. What's the name of the Dutch football player of the year who will be playing for Manchester United in the next season ?
Frank de Boer
Jordi Cruijff
Philip Cocu
Jaap Stam
Edwin van der Sar

6. Which of the following teams didn't won an European Supercup in one of the last four editions ?
AC Milan
AJAX Amsterdam
FC Barcelona

7. Who scored two goals in last year's edition of the Champions League Final in Munich ?
Lars Ricken
Allessandro Del Piero
Stephane Chapuisat
Karl Heinz Riedle
Andy Möller

8. Which stadium is hosting the European Cup Winner's Cup Final this year ?
Nou Camp in Barcelona
Amsterdam Arena
Rasunda Stadium in Stockholm
Olympic Stadium of Rome
Le stade de France in Saint Denis

9. This is the photo of

Davor Suker
Fernando Hierro
Pedrag Mijatovic

10. Which of the following teams won their national championship in the season 1997-1998 ?
Steau Bucarest
Manchester United
Levski Sofia
Hadjuk Split

11. For which team are Joël Magnin, Antonio Esposito, Alexandre Comisetti, Boris Smiljanic and Augustine Ahinful playing ?
FC Lyon
Xamax Neuchatel
Union Luxemburg
Grasshoppers Zürich

12. FC Kosice, Travna, Inter, Trencin, Slovan are playing in
Croatian national League
Macedonian national League
Slovakian national League
Estonian national League
Slovenian national League

13. Jurgen Klinsmann has never played for
AS Monaco
Bayern Munich
AC Milan
Tottenham Hotspur
Sampdoria Genua

14. Who is this player currently playing for Inter Milan ?

Ze Elias
Nwaku Kanu
Taribo West
Aaron Winter

15. Who won the National Cup in France ?
Paris Saint Germain

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Last updated on 1/5/98