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Soccer Quiz

Test your soccer knowledge
In addition to playing indoor soccer games, the ScherpSchutters have other leisure activities like participating in quizzes. Given this fact, a few quiz questions to test your soccer knowledge could not be absent on our site . You can choose out of this 14 quizzes and your score will be calculated immediately !

November 99 Quiz : European Soccer

Summer quiz : international soccer

April- May 99 : Euro competitions quiz

March 99 : World soccer quiz 99

February 99 : Euro 2000 quiz

Jan 99: Top leagues I quiz:Primera Div.,Premier League,Serie A

December : World soccer quiz

November : Euro quiz

October: European cups quiz season 98-99

September : European Competitions '98

World soccer : General , World Cup 98 , World Cups, France 98

European soccer quizzes : General ; Euro comp '97

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