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There's a recent photo collection (31/12/2002) and an older one. My kids now have their own web sites at Inge's web site and Kristof's web site . Here is a collection of pictures from the ski trip at Grindelwald in february 2003.

Foto van Marleen en Daaf

Hier is hij dan


Some of my free time continues to go to free software development.


LessTif is a freely available clone of Motif, available on http://www.lesstif.org


used to be the GNU spreadsheet. I've extended it so it has a LessTif (or Motif if you insist) based user interface, while still preserving the ability to run in character mode.

New features include device independent plotting (through GNU Plotutils), access to some of the GSL (Gnu Scientific Library) functions, and a simple way to read Xbase files were added. Oleo is at http://www.gnu.org/software/oleo/oleo.html.


is a Data Entry and Reporting Tool

This means it's an application that helps you manipulate databases, including their design, data entry, reporting, and such more.

DERT is meant to replace tools such as M$ Access or the DBase class of tools on the desktop of the Open Source-aware citizen. DERT can be found on http://sourceforge.net/projects/dert


I have a personal download page here.

Finally, you can send me mail at danny.backx-at-NOSPAM-skynet.be

Personal Favourites

The computers at our house have always been rock solid when running either SuSE Linux or FreeBSD.
They always crash when running NT or Windows 9* however. The good part about this is that I encounter almost nobody to whom this is a surprise.