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the blue room - last updated on April 21, 2004

FAVORITES of the moment:

these are the sites I liked best over the past weeks.
Bahianese Le Mix
UK based mailorder site, specialised in 1960's & '70's soundtracks and library music. Each record on the site contains audio samples! Even more, this highly organised site has one of the best layouts I've seen, and contains tons of useful information.
Theremin on your desktop
Thunderbirds commercials

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sites entirely (or almost entirely) dedicated to "exotica", EZ, Space Age Pop etc:
Adventures In Sound
Lang Thompson: "Just launched is my web equivalent of a photocopied zine. Of exotica interest is an expanded version of Jonathan Richardson's report on seeing Robert Moog in Indiana and an early Bacharach appreciation though there will be more coming."
American Song-Poem Music Archives
AS/PMA mission: To document and celebrate the rich history of the "set your poems to music" industry
Basic Hip
web site devoted to the underappreciated art of whistling. Also sitar, Bozo the clown, and other Incredibly Strange Music albums featured with cover cans and MP3's, a Soulful Tribute...
This site covers Books on the blaxploitation Genre as well as Lists of the Movies, their Soundtracks and Posters. Plus an Introduction to Black Action Movies, their Influence on Film and TV and various external links.
Brad's Page of Steel
The Lap Steel Guitar
Chazam's Fantasticasynthetisoravagator
the latest bollywood, bhangra and pop music from INDIA. Links to MP3 on the Net and International news from India's point of view.
CliqueMusic: All Brazilian Music Guide
The best online resource for everything Brasilian.
Collecting Crap Records
A brief introduction to collecting valueless vinyl. By crap, he means records that no one else wants... not necessarily "bad".
Collecting Crap Records
new URL of above?
Crazy Joe's Surf Lounge
Crazy Joe's world famous surf lounge music and art on the beach from Beach information and lounge entertainment.
Dada's Exotiquarium
Momus interview, a 'Shibuya-kei for beginners' feature and a Cornelius at the Reading Festival feature. Soon come is Baxendale and Spearmint.
DJ Cheesemaster
Easy Tune Homepage
The Easy Tune encyclopaedia.
the Exotica Archive
celebrates the "classic" Exotica music of Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter, etc. essay on the Evolution of Exotica, profile of Arthur Lyman...
The Exotica Review
a site that would be a sort of central location for information about as many exotica albums as possible.
Exotica Web broadcast (Fantastica!!), links, "The Altar", KKUD radio obit...
Friends of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room!
A database of neglected, odd British recordings: answer, death, children's, novelty, personality, political, religious, rude, christmas records.
Greg Davis' Moog Fanatics Homepage
Hugh's Lounge
Second hand store, Enoch Light, discographies, leading ladies, ...
Hyp records
3 extended guides to hip, strange, exotic records.
It Crawled From The Bins
Selections From Peter Gilstrap's Pathetically Huge Collection of Oddball Records, with cover scans and audio fragments.
King Kini's Club velvet
Lounge Legends
German site, featuring Bert Kaempfert, Roberto Delagdo, Max Greger...
The Lounge Web Ring
Homepage of the Lounge Web Ring, where you can apply for inclusion of your own site.
Mr. Lucky
Quarterly musical communiqué, about jazz, Latin, vintage sounds, vocals, world, cocktails, with lots of ONLINE reviews.
Mr. Nefff's Mambo Karaoke Steakhouse
Jukebox, record museum, reviews, QuickTime, links.
Musical Taste
home of the newmusic calendar(for the latest in new music, release dates, concerts & info) & the pizzicato five discography
your internet source for phat beats, fucked up musical oddities and impossible to find music, includes (Shockwave audio fragments).
Rato Records
eclectic MP3 collection, and lots of Spage Age Pop cover scans.
Record Collector's Heaven
Exotica, Incredibly Strange Music and weird records in general; André Popp; Roger Roger, Denny, Les Baxter discography... even Heino!
Roots of Lounge
French site about exotic, library and ISM.
Score, Baby!
for fans of groovy soundtracks and new lounge.
Show And Tell Music
gallery of thrift store album cover art, and more.
(formerly Parabrisas), an online encyclopedia of lounge, big band, classic jazz and space-age sounds.
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
In memory of Esquivel, who died January ?? 2001 at age 83, I've gathered up allthe pieces of my old site and reassembled them on the Web. The site appears exactly as it was at the end of its happy run from 1995 to 1996.
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music @ Vik's
Joseph Holmes' legendary site that kinda started it all...
Space Age Pop a Gogo
extensive site devoted to the best artists in 1950s and 60s Space Age Pop. Exotica. Lounge. Cocktail. Bachelor Pad Music. Hi-Fi and Stereo Pioneers. original long playing record covers. Recent CD reissues. Hear the Strange Sounds and Exotic Rhythms.
The Space Age Pop Music Page
the most comprehensive guide to space age pop musicians on the web, with discographies and areticles of about every imaginable SAP artist!
Spy Bop Royale
dedicated to the secret agent soundtracks of the sixties.
Steve's Comedy and Dementia Collection
Records & CD's with demented music
Stevo's Hawaiian Music Guide
index of Hawaiian Music info on the Web.
Swank-O-Rama, the Cocktail Revolution Homepage
The Bongo Page
devoted to the art of bongo drums, bongo drumming, and bongo
The Dead Lounge
Relax in the Dead Lounge. Things aren't really all that depressing, and you're not really that dark, deep and mysterious, okay?
The Easy Page
reviews and news about all that is to the lounge or the EASY side of
The Lounge Ring
The Steelbands (Pan) of Trinidad and Tobago
The Ye-Ye Girls Website
Vik's Lounge Of Self-Indulgance
Vinyl Vulture
Dedicated to vinyl! scans & sound frags of Moog, weird & library vinyl records; also 3 CD comps for sale, and vinyl trades board.
Vinyl Vulture Presents - " Baggin' Up "
Viplounge @
reviews, radio playlists, EZ news... but unfortunately in ITALIAN only
Wilds Scene
Music & art EXOTICA: Wilds Sounds LPs, Tiki Land, Coconutorium, Vinyl Safari, Sabu Martinez Home Page, Exotica Gallery, Tiki Gallery...

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these sites have a part, sometimes a small one, dedicated to "exotica":
abstract about Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music @ "Feminist Theory and Music"
"Ces nymphes, je les veux perpetuer:" Pastoral Predicaments in Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music - Rebecca Leydon, SUNY Stony Brook
Building a Space Age Pop Collection @ AllMusic
Easy Does It article by elisabeth vincentelli @ The Village Voice
Easy Does It - Club Pop's Soothing Internationalism. by elisabeth vincentelli. About Fantastic Plastic Machine et al.
Intercontinental Tiki Bar Tour
Goldmine: Jim Power on SABP
"Mondo Melodica Exotica", a long article by Jim Powers, on Incredibly Strange Music, Cartoon music, Provocative Percussion, Esquivel, Exotica, Antecedents to Exotica, Singing Celebrities, Word Jazz, Electronic Music, CD compilations, today's scene.
Hitch Magazine
Incredibly Strange Religious Records @ PostFun
Ken Sitz, of RE/Search's Incredibly Strange Music, Volume 2, writes on the genre of religious records including Uncle Bud's Hospital Experience, The Coming War with Russian, How Big is God? and Crying Demons.
the Late Show's Dave's Record Collection
The Official Late Show With David Letterman Website
Karl-Michael Schneider's site
Lost of interesting links
organizes and reviews hundreds of holiday albums, including many novelty.
Momus hypes Japanese pop @ Momus' home page
Mono Lisa's Metropical Laboratoire
Music That Means Something
Discographies for Moondog, Tuvan music...
Observing Obscure Kulture
The Persistence Of Exotica. Zounds! a rotating collection of sound recordings.
Pirate Jenny's Cabin
London's musical cabaret resource. The yo-ho-home page with a crew of Chansonniers, Theatre Song Divas, Badly-Behaved Musicians and Pungent Performance Poets.
POPtart @ The San Francisco Chronicle
Indiepop / Exotica / Space Bachelor Bay Area's shows, releases and news.
Slipcue: Brazilian music
website of San Francisco Bay Area DJ, Joe Sixpack.
Space Age Pop @ AllMusic
The Nostalgia Pages
Introducing Old-Time Radio to a generation who's parents barely remember it; including "Hello's" from the stars of the past, and even complete Old-Time Radio shows!
Ton Rückert's Home Page
what does "phase 4" mean? @ Gilbert & Sullivan Home Page
Whistling & Washington Post
Whatever happened to the art of whistling?

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COVER ART SCANS & other pictures:

these sites offer scans of beautiful or odd covers of "exotic" LPs:
huge collection of LP scans!
A Bachelor's Music Guide By Pearmania
Basic Hip
A Child's Garden of Record Labels
Scans of record labels.
Classic Bolly Music
Reviews of favorite soundtracks from the 70's, a section on RD Burman recordings, and rare Indian Vinyl Cover Art Gallery.
En écoutant la pochette
French site dedicated to LP covers designed by comic strip artists, including Jack Davis.
Hyp records
Jack Davis "record covers"
Jim Flora Gallery
album covers
It Crawled From The Bins
Selections From Peter Gilstrap's Pathetically Huge Collection of Oddball Records, with cover scans and audio fragments.
King Kini's Club velvet
Little Women
record cover gallery on the "All Sales Are Vinyl" radio show site
Obscure Pixels
includes some cover scans
PWM soundtrack covers archives
Retro Cocktail Hour
ronald_de_klerk 's Home Page
LP & CD covers designed by comic artists
Show And Tell Music
Spy Bop Royale
dedicated to the secret agent soundtracks of the sixties, lots of (thumbnail) cover scans.
theremin player @ Jews of the '50s in 3D
a picture of a theremin player performing at a bar mitzvah
Vinyl Vulture Presents - " Baggin' Up "
Google Image search
find your wanted scan on the web with Google.

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reviews of records, old and new, plus discographies of labels:
All-Music Guide
Both Sides Now Publications
Dot, Ranwood...
Classic Bolly Music
Reviews of favorite soundtracks from the 70's, a section on RD Burman recordings, and rare Indian Vinyl Cover Art Gallery.
CMJ Online
Dada's Exotiquarium, Critiquarium section
EMI Studio 2 and Decca Phase 4 Discographies
The Exotica Review
a site that would be a sort of central location for information about as many exotica albums as possible.
Gabor Szabo Iconoclasm: Jazz reviews
Hype Reviews
In My Room (Yet Another Opinionated Music Page)
A couple of reviews...
International Music Discographies
The Multimedia Encyclopedia Of Music - The Intenet's first music price guide, and one of the largest music databases ever written
KFJC's music database
Liberty discography
Mr. Lucky
Quarterly musical communiqué, about jazz, Latin, vintage sounds, vocals, world, cocktails, with lots of ONLINE reviews.
Mr. Nefff's Mambo Karaoke Steakhouse
Jukebox, record museum, reviews, QuickTime, links.
Rudy's Corner
Artist Discographies: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Julius Wechter & Baja Marimba Band, Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, Henry Mancini, Laurindo Almeida/Bossa Nova All-Stars
French site with reviews of essential EZ CDs.
Score, Baby!
Shoot To Kill
radio show site, with also some reviews
Soundtrack Collector
Space Safari
The Easy Page
reviews and news about all that is to the lounge or the EASY side of
Vik's Lounge Of Self-Indulgance
Vinyl Vulture Presents - " Baggin' Up "
viplounge @
unfortunately in ITALIAN only

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AUDIO by various artists (free of charge):

Big mailorder companies (like Amazon et al.) also offer zillions of fragments. See also labels section (link at bottom page.) Companies who SELL downloadable music are listed in my "Shoppinquarium"; some also offer free sample tracks.
365 days project (Otis Fodder)
Basic Hip
Comfort Stand Records
Dimension Music, Inc.
MP3 search
The Internet's largest audio - visual archive of the media age, featuring TV, Movie, Radio, Space, Historical, Musical & Comedy sounds & pictures.
Internet Archive
digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public
The Interstellar Cafe
The Shooby Taylor and other audio Mp3 Archives. Also: Friendly Persuasion radio show site
The Internet Archive Movie Collection
It Crawled From The Bins
Selections From Peter Gilstrap's Pathetically Huge Collection of Oddball Records, with cover scans and audio fragments.
Lycos MP3 Searcher
MP3meta search engine
Featuring hundreds of award winning sites containing mpeg layer 3 audio (.mp3) files free for you to download.
Observing Obscure Kulture
The Persistence Of Exotica. Zounds! a rotating collection of sound recordings.
The Oddball Auditorium
MP3 files, some of the old exotica, some other stangeness, some own creations. None of it is normal music anyway.
Oddio Overplay
Eclectic compilations as a means of supporting the artists and spreading the word about these great sources. The comps pull music from other locations on the web.
Radio Lovers
hundreds of vintage radio shows for you to listen to online in mp3 format, all for free.
Radio Vik
your internet source for phat beats, fucked up musical oddities and impossible to find music, includes (Shockwave audio fragments).
Rato Records
quite an eclectic collection of weird tunes
Reel Radio
Lots of old radio shows
Science Songs
Huge music guide, with bios and sound clips.
Song Poem Archive
Sound America
The largest WAV sound file archive on the internet - containing free downloadable sounds from movies, television, cartoons, comedy, sound effects and much more
Telstar Web Real Player Page
Joe Meek-related recordings
The Shellac Shanty
RealAudio files of old 78 rpm jazz records, including Laughing And Crying Records!
Vinyl Orphanage
World Wide Wax
classic vinyl for sale, plus 600 scanned covers and RealAudio clips
The Worst of the Worst @ station
features some of the very worst songs that can be found at
xenomusic XenoFiles
new media, e-commerce & electronic publishing site run by ZeneMusic in Hungary & its parent company Intermusic Publ. in USA... important resource for those who create music, market music, as well as end users who enjoy listening to it and learning about it
Zounds in cyberSpace
Search engine for MP3 songs

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sites (or parts of sites) dedicated to 1 artist, or compilation series, or soundtrack:
101 Strings
The Accordion Beatles
Laurindo Almeida/Bossa Nova All-Stars discography @ Rudy's Corner
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass discography @ Rudy's Corner
Dario Argento
Arling & Cameron
Burt Bacharach Page "A House Is Not A Homepage"
Burt Bacharach @ The Atlantic
Baja Marimba Band discography @ Rudy's Corner
The Baronics
Ashwin Batish @ RagaNet
Les Baxter @ Les
MP3 audio and more
Les Baxter Bulletin Board
Beatles covers list
Jaymz Bee
Best Of Moog
Klaus Beyer
Big Boss Man
The Big Mess Orchestra
The Blue Hawaiians @
The Bobs (@ the IUMA)
The Bongolian
Perry Botkin
Martin Böttcher @
Martin Böttcher @ "Filmmusik von Martin Böttcher"
Lorraine Bowen @ her own Lorraine Bowen Experience home page
Lorraine Bowen @ "Pirate Jenny's Cabin"
The Bran Flakes
"silly found-sound-collage project. We appropriate 100% from strange thrift store material and have been described as: Lawrence Welk meets Strawberry Shortcake in a blender"
André Brasseur
André Brasseur @ BelPop
André Brasseur @ Okey Online
in German but very good
Cabaret Diosa
The Chipmunks @ Zubai
Brave Combo
Brave Combo 2
The Campbell Brothers
Sacred Steel music
Wendy Carlos @
The Official Wendy Carlos HomePage. The definitive Web collection of information about the pioneer (Moog) synthesist and composer.
Wendy (Walter) Carlos
Wendy Mae Chambers
David Chazam @ his own "Chazboom page!"
has an unreleased tune (in MP3 format) that was recorded during J.J. Perrey's concert tour of summer 1998.
The Chipmunks
Club Foot Orchestra @ their Homepage
Cocktail Angst
Combustible Edison
Dick Contino
Cowboy Bebop
Dead Ringer
Del Rubio Triplets
Martin Denny @ Exotica!
Martin Denny @
Don Ho
Joao Donato discography
Curd Duca's Home Page
Easy Tune
Ego Plum
El Tattoo del Tigre
Eläkeläiset official humppa homepage
Esquivel @ Rudy's Corner
Esquivel on State 51
The Evolution Control Committee
Fantastic Plastic Machine
Fantastic Plastic Machine @ Suoni & Ultrasuoni
RealAudio fragment(s)
Frances Faye
Ferrante & Teicher
Fifty Foot Combo
Belgian surf/exotica (more surf than exotica, alas)
George Formby Society
Four Piece Suit
The Free Design @ Spaced Out
Uri Geller's Reference Page
Gentle People
Astrud Gilberto Official Homepage
Astrud Gilberto
The Ghost Orchid, Reviews of
Nico Gomez
Eydie Gorme @ The Steve & Eydie Page
Barry Gray @ UFO
page with links to MP3's of Barry Gray's music for various Gerry Anderson series
Bruce Haack Home Page
Bruce Haack @ The Wild World of Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson
Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson @ Dimension 5
Hanna-Barbera @ Big Cartoon Database
Francoise Hardy discographie
Jimmie Haskell's Home Page
Jimmie Haskell @ Chords, Inc.
Heino @ Record Collector's Heaven
Skip Heller
Pierre Henry
detailed discography
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman
Hollywood Hi-Fi
Kenyon Hopkins @
Huun Huur Tu
Incredibly Strange Music
Iron Giant
Italian Instabile Orchestra
The Jethros
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Antonio Carlos Jobim discography
Quincy Jones Music Publishing
Ernie K-Doe (official site)
Bert Kaempfert @ Spage Age Pop
Keren Ann
Karminsky Experience
Jason King @ Jason's Groovy Pad
Kitaro's Homepage = Pinky Yellow
Komar & Melamid
Oleg Kostrov
Sid & Marty Krofft's Living Island
Fela Kuti discography @ Toshiya Endo's Home Page
Fela Kuti @ The Dead Musicians Directory
lots of more Fela links
Laika And The Cosmonauts
Fred Lane @ The Demented World of Fred Lane
Roy Lanham
Johnny Largo at the Optigan
James Last
Hugh Le Caine
Enoch Light (Spaced Out - the Enoch Light Website)
also generates discographies for *any* musician who appeared on an Enoch Light record.
Lightning Beat-Man
Ed Lincoln
Berry Lipman
Julie London @ Cry Me A Riverlounge
Biography, Discography & Photos
Julie London @ Greg Gardner's site
Claudine Longet @ "Cuddle Up With Claudine"
The Claudine Longet Audio Archives @
The Lounge-O-Leers
Tony Lovello (Formerly of The Three Suns)
Arthur Lyman
Arthur Lyman @ Tiki Pub
Mambo Kurt
Hammond-versions of Radiohead, Nirvana et al.
Henry Mancini discography
Henry Mancini discography @ Rudy's Corner
The Dudley Manlove Quartet @ Dudley's
Gary McFarland @ Gabor Szabo Iconoclasm
Rod McKuen @
discography, bibliography, poetry, poems, music...
Rod Mckuen article "Tiptoe through the Beatniks..."
Vern: great Rod Mckuen article "Tiptoe through the Beatniks with Rod Mckuen". Scroll down a little farther for the 7-11 corporate musical story.
Joe Meek @ TelstarWeb
The Joe Meek / RGM website
Sergio Mendes discography
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 discography @ Rudy's Corner
Sergio Mendes & The Salute to...
Sergio Mendes & The Salute to... - mirror
Messer Chups
Messer Für Frau Mueller
Mestre Ambrósio
Metropole Orchestra
Russ Meyer's World
Mieskuoro Huutajat
Money Mark
Montefiori Cocktail
The Mood Swingers @ THe MooD SWiNgeRS website
The Most unwanted song
Ed Motta
Mr. Handman
Mr. Methane
Robert Mitchum
Giorgio Moroder @ Giorgio Moroder Cover Gallery
covers and record descriptions
Ennio Morricone
Os Mutantes
Non-official site of the most revolutionary brazilian rock'n'roll band
Esther Nelson & Bruce Haack @ Dimension 5
Nervous Norvus
New Albanian Riots
Ken Nordine
Ken Nordine: The one and only
Novi Singers
The Nuclear Whales
Claus Ogerman discography
Ondes Martenot Quartet
Betty Page
Palast Orchester mit Max Raabe
Lucia Pamela
Lucia Pamela @ All Hail Lucia Pamela
Susan Pascal (The Jazz Vibes Page)
Jean Jacques Perrey
Jean Jacques Perrey "Talks About Music"
Phil the Tremolo King
Eilert Pilarm
Pinky & Perky
Pizzicato Five @ Matador
Pizzicato Five fan page
Pizzicato Five Discography: Home Of A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
André Popp @ Record Collector's Heaven
Pérez Prado and Mambomania
Pérez Prado discography
Perez Prado
Project: Pimento
MP3s of theremin treatments of Moon River, Desafinado, Music to watch girls by, and You only live twice.
Prozak for lovers
Mr. Quintron
the Ran-Dells
Thurl Ravenscroft
Hans Reichel
inventor of the Daxophone
Los Relampagos
Mark Renwick
Roger Roger @ Record Collector's Heaven
Matt Rogers: Rated X Mas
Bobby Rosengarden discography
Bobby Rosengarden @ Tribute to...
Bobby Rosengarden @ Tribute to... - mirror
Edmundo Ross @ The Ros Family Home Page
The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band
Henri Salvador
Lalo Schifrin @ Gabor Szabo Iconoclasm
Lalo Schifrin interview on CJAD, Montreal
Lalo Schifrin's own (label) site
Raymond Scott @
Raymond Scott Homepage @ Zubai
Shirely Scott @ Gabor Szabo Iconoclasm
Seks Bomba
Seksu Roba
David Seville & The Chipmunks @ Zubai
The Shadows
Shadows Are Go
The Shadows and Jet Harris
The Shadows Fan Club
The Shaggs Unofficial Web Page
Ananda Shankar @ Ananda Shankar Centre For Performing Arts
Silver Apples
Keely Smith @ the official website
Keely Smith @ Swingin' Pretty
Songs in the Key of Z
Spaceghost @ "Cartoonnetwork"
Dusty Springfield @ Woman of Repute
Strad to Strat
Sukia @ The Dust Brothers site
Sukia @ Nickel Bag
Big Jim Sullivan, a session guitarist history
Yma Sumac @ the Official Authorized Yma Sumac Homepage
Yma Sumac book @ The Legacy of the Diva website
some excerpts from an analysis/bio of Sumac
Super Pickle
Gabor Szabo
Les Tambours De Brazza
The Tape-beatles
Telex @ Stephane Werquin's Musical Pages
Telex @ Emmanuel Goedseels' site
Telex, another unofficial site
Peter Thomas @ "Filmmusik von Martin Böttcher"
Bob Thompson @
Bob Thompson @ Just For Kicks!
Bob Thompson's son Spenser has created this website, devoted to Bob the Space Age Pop legend.
The Three Suns Site
Those Darn Accordions
The Tiki Tones
Tiny Tim Memorial Site
Tiny Tim @ TinyWeb
Towa Tei
Bobby Trafalgar
The Transistors
Piero Umiliani
Uncle Neptune
Ursula 1000
Vagabond Cinema Pops Arkestra
The Ventures
The Ventures @ The Official Ventures Site
Pastel Vespa @ her own "Le Monde Du Pastel Vespa"
Brazillian Lounge singer
The Vibraphonics
Elisabeth Waldo
Ruth Wallis @ IUMA
Walter Wanderley discography
The Walter Wanderley Pictorial Discography
including CD reissues, guest appearances, Brazilian recordings, Interviews, Walter photos, and MP3 audio clips of Walter's music.
The Walter Wanderley Pictorial Discography - mirror
Julius Wechter & Baja Marimba Band discography @ Rudy's Corner
Adam West (Batman)
Meri Wilson
Kai Winding discography
The Woman Chaser
Wesley Willis

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magazines, books, e-mail lists... to learn more about "exotica":
a Yahoo group dedicated to the discussion of absurd music... or is that absurdity in music?
Beautiful Instrumentals
a group which discusses everything in relation to easy listening/mood/beautiful music. Artists like Berry Lipman, also Percy Faith, James Last, Paul Mauriat, and countless others.
Command List
mailing list for reviews and discussion of Command LPs.
Cool And Strange Music Magazine
Cosmik Debris
Easy Listening Magazine
weekly ezine that also reports about odd new CD releases.
Exotica Mailing List @ Studio Nibble
lazlo Nibble started the exotica Mailing List.
Exotica Mailing List, Subscribe page
Exotica Mailing List's Archives
Exotica Mailing List FAQ @ Hugh's Lounge
Exotica Mailing List FAQ @ Moritz ® Museum
Exotica Mailing List FAQ @ Music for Better Living
Experimental Musical Instruments Homepage
mag devoted to design, construction and enjoyment of new and unusual instruments.
Il Ggiaguaro
Italian mag with 7" single.
Grand Royal Magazine
ICE Magazine
lists release dates of new cd's
Lava Lamp Soundtrack List
Cheryl: "dedicated to the exotic side of film music: B Movie soundtracks, Exploitation and Cult Films of the 1960's and 70's, production library music and recordings inspired by soundtracks"
Mr. Lucky
Quarterly musical communiqué, about jazz, Latin, vintage sounds, vocals, world, cocktails, with lots of ONLINE reviews.
The Outsider Music Mailing List
If you were intrigued by the "Songs in the Key of Z" compilation CD, you might be interested to know that there is a mailing list devoted to exactly this sort of music.
An email list about new or recent EZ influenced music that doesn't get talked about much: air, cornelius, takako minekawa, dimitri from paris, tipsy, dj me dj you, fantastic plastic machine, le tone, kahimi karie...
Second Hand: A Novel by Michael Zadoorian
Second Hand takes place in the incredibly strange world of thrift stores and junk culture... for everyone who has ever loved something secondhand - the High Fidelity of garage sales, the On the Road of thrift shopping, The Moviegoer of the flea market.
Tiki News Website

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radio shows, both in the air and on the web, and related topics, like radio jingles, commercials...:
All Sales Are Vinyl @ CJSR in Edmonton, Canada
playlists, galleries of record covers and other stuff.
the April Winchell Show
At ErMan's Terrace
on Vip Lounge radio (Vip Lounge Program n.2). everything unfortunately in ITALIAN only
Awful Music
Back-Ward on CFRU
featuring cool soundtracks from the 60's and 70's; exotica; lounge; now-sounds; incredibly-strange; tropicalia; forgotten country and western; funk/70's instro'; moog...
Basic Hip @
Basic Hip's playlists site
live web radio, CD jukebox etc
Basic Black
de Wolfe
Dj Flint!
"The Sound Lounge" show, album covers, some LP's for sale...
Beautiful Music Radio News
about Easy broadcasting stations, some of which are also on the internet.
EZ Lounge FM
by Vanni "W.Paul" Parmigiani from Italy. Jazz & Lounge. playlists and reviews... but unfortunately in ITALIAN only
Eklektik Radio @
Exploitika Radio
sleazy listening, loungecore, funk, crime jazz and psychedelic grooves from the soundtracks of 60's and 70's cult movies. A real eclectic radio with a cocktail of genres sixties, seventies, eighties new wave, lounge, exotica...
Exotica Web broadcast (Fantastica!!), links, "The Altar", KKUD radio obit...
Friendly Persuasion
internet radio show in real audio
Fiji pop 1999
Real Audio Radio
GoGaGa Brand Radio
The Happy Station
House of Games (Jack Diamond's KFJC show)
In Flight Entertainment
weekly, hour-long music show featuring Global Lounge Music for Jetsetters everywhere.
into somethin' radioshow
Irwin Chusid's Incorrect Music show
Lots of "exotica" shows
JAM Creative Productions
Radio jingles
Junk Radio
King Kini's Club velvet
KNCT "Simply Beautiful"
EZ station from Austin, Texas. they're on the web too.
Krawler's Funsite
collection of circa 450 demented songs and comedy in .WAV format
KRS's Radioworld
produces music for radio and television commercials. website offers download samples
Lounge Cocktail Party (radio 21)
Radio 21 is one of the radio stations of the French community of Belgium.
Lounge Show @ KOOP
Luxuria Music
back from the grave, net radio with smooth & groovy sounds compiled by Bro. Cleve, Jack Fetterman, Byron Werner & The Millionaire.
Martinis With Mancini @ WJUL 91.5
Martinis With Mancini in RealAudio
old time radio and video webcasts
The Mondo Bongos Homepage
from Ontario, Canada.
Moon Base Alpha @ Live365
Morning Becomes Eclectic
Music for better living
the sister site for WABC, with unbelievable archives... complete shows, the blackout, Howard Cosell going nuts, Jingles, and loads more...
My Vinyl Recliner @ WMPG
Net Radio
New Sounds @ WNYC-FM in New York
from Valencia, Spain. WinAmp needed. devoted to 60s & 70s music: Soul Jazz, Lounge, Eurobeat, R&B, Exotica ... all with one thing in common: all sounds came from the glorious analogic pastt (and some from outer limits)
Ocean Club Radio
Ofrkunstradio: Recyling the Future
Other Worlds
Australian exotica show with live stream via Real Audio
PAMS jingles from the 1960's on CD @
Pams Radio Jingle Productions
PAMS, the company which produced millions of great jingles.
Quesoterical Lair
Radio Clambake @ live365
shoutcast server with DJ Mingo-go
Jill Mingo: "Scotland's first web station; upcoming guests & hosts will be varied and groovin -but it's mainly dance music in format at present, although my show won't be necessarily dance-orientated. It's more freestyle." requires Windows Media player
Radio Lovers
hundreds of vintage radio shows for you to listen to online in mp3 format, all for free.
Radio Naze
"La seule radio sur internet qui diffuse les plus grandes daubes de la chanson Française. La radio des vrais tubes!" - French pop music.
Retro Cocktail Hour @ KANU
cover gallery, playlists, CD giveaway, and each week a new (RealAudio) show available for listening.
your online source to funk, soul and jazzmusic Royal Groove
your online source to funk, soul and jazzmusic
Shoot To Kill
Mr. Unlucky presents Shoot To Kill, a weekly hour of crime jazz, soundtrack music, and Now Sound, on, Thursdays @ noon (CST).
songs that are used in commercials
Space Age Radio (on CHSR 97.9, Canada)
Space Bop
Beyond kitsch, Space Bop is one hour of full galactical wonder, and can be heard on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, Canada, and on RealAudio
Space Safari
SOLNZE Records presents @ Special Radio
weekly 2 hour radio show on third button of Special Radio, on Fridays, 17-19 pm Moscow time, that is 10 am NY time. Featuring new and rare Stuff of Messer Chups, Oleg Kostrow and related Artists. there's an English language mirror available
Spinning On Air @ WNYC
Supersphere Radio's Jet Set DJ's
dj archives for the "Jet Set" category: Mr. Unlucky, Shaky Shawn, Ben Wa, Easy Ed, "Halden Spoonwood Presents Adventures in Space".
a mix of exotica, lounge, surf rock, easy listening, jazz, blues, big band, mambo, a bit of classical, some 70s glam rock, a dash of industrial and other assorted weird stuff.
Listen to this Exotica show in RealAudio.
Swank Radio
Exotica, Latin, Cocktail, Percussion, Spy Theme, Belly Dancing, Outer Space, Easy Listening, Lounge, Hi-Fi, Bachelor Pad and other fascinating styles of music.
The Annoying Music Show
The Happy Hour
The Mister Smooth Hour
The Nice Age @ s p i k e . r a d i o
The Secret Museum of the Air
A series of hour-long programs exploring recorded sounds from across the Earth on 78s and cylinders made from 1890 through the 1960s.
The Tiki Cha Cha Club & The Tiki Cha Cha Club 9pm-Honolulu 10am-Baghdad 6pm-Sidney 8am-Paris "The Girl From Ipanema" Sample At
11pm USA West Coast -9pm Honolulu - 10amBaghdad - 6pm Sidney - 8am Paris.
Tony Caravan's Jet-Set Music Lounge in Real Audio
the longest running lounge show on the net, live every week.
Ultrasuoni Cocktail
Francesco Adinolfi, Italy
Uncle Bri's Early Morning Funhouse @ CFUV
With Real Audio
Web Radio
Your Gateway to every radio station broadcasting on the Web.
Weirdsville! The out sound from way in
"a tantalizing mix of strange and obscure music. From the electronic to the organic, exotic to the narcotic, acid surf, psychedelic lounge, schizo C&W, avant-garde dub, free jazz, and noise skronk..."
WFMU Web broadcasts
WMCA: Fabulous 57
site with lots of audio, pictures, interviews. RealAudio required... lots of clips of WMCA from the 1960's. very nostalgic for new yorkers and radio fans.
Word Jazz (Ken Nordine)
Zack's Stacks of Dr. D Snacks
Probably the only source online for Dr. Demento shows, in MP3 or RealAudio format. The same server can also be reached through FTP:
Zombo's Mondo Record Party @ WAPS-FM

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Film & TV and related music:
All Movie Guide
The Anime Turnpike
Japanese animation soundtracks
The Avengers official movie site
The Avengers (1)
The Avengers (2)
Big Cartoon Database
Classic U.S. Television Themes
Die Cineastischen 4 präsentieren Trash-Horror-70er Jahre Fernsehen
German trash and cult TV series & movies
Film Score Monthly
Lou Smith: If you're ever trying to figure out what music is playing behind a commercial
Commercials: what music is used in
Lou Smith: If you're ever trying to figure out what music is playing behind a commercial (or search for "Seen and Heard in Commercials" at
Filmtracks Soundtracks Reviews
Flintstones and Hanna Barbera (Unofficial ) Homepage
Godzilla & Other Monster Music. The Mothra Page
a site about the Godzilla/Mothra music that is available on CD.
The Internet Movie Database
Great resource for looking up anything cinematic.
The Jetsons Unofficial Home
featuring UK radio & television trivia, and more. The site is also home to the UK Broadcasting Webring and several mailing lists including The Wirelist, 2fm, fun21 and UK-Net-Access
Movies unlimited
1950's and 60's commercials/tv ads collection videotapes
Movietunes Soundtracks
Something Weird Video
Spy Fi Archives: 40 Years of TV and Movie Spy Fiction
cultural CIA site features images and descriptions of 26 items from television shows such as _The Man From U.N.C.L.E._, _The Avengers_, _Get Smart_, _Mission Impossible_, and _Wild Wild West_, and movies such as _Our Man Flint_, _Dr. No_ etc
The Test Card Circle
Tulsa TV Memories
There is more Exotica content now: Tulsa Tiki page and "The Millionaire" on "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast".
TV Themes
sixties & seventies TV shows
The Twilight Zone
an empty site, just some pictures...
Twin Peaks
episode guide, sound samples, music, links to other TP sites
Gerry Anderson's 1970 SF Supermarionation series
The Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion
This website is an effort to present lots of interesting, obscure, and even at times weird bits of information on WB cartoons.

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INSTRUMENTS of exotic nature:

From ukes to Moogs and everything inbetween:
Big Briar
owned and operated by Robert Moog, manufactures theremins and other high-quality electronic musical instruments
Brudda Bu's Ukulele Heaven
Electronic Musical Instruments 1870-1990
120 years of electronic music!
Ethnic Musical Instruments Co.
Jammin Johns Toilet Seats
MHN Instrument Encyclopedia
features musical instruments from around the world
Moog Music, Inc.
includes a downloadable virtual stylophone
Synth & MIDI Museum
The SynthMuseum
Synth Fool
about (analog) synthesizers
Paul Tanner Electro-Theremin Page
TELMIN'S Theremin Page
You need Japanese fonts to view this site
Theremin Home Page
Theremin Info
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey
article on the Chicago Sun-Times site
Theremins and Historic Percussion
Theremin @ Ishibashi-Music
Theremin @ The RaBit Zone
Theremin @ Hammacher: Briefcase Theremin

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Musical instruments, Song lyrics, Cleaning old records, Exotic cultures...:
Matto Le D.'s madpad
cool, 1950's-60's style artwork, including CD design for Belgian surf band Fifty Foot Combo, and other monster- & tiki-related drawings
Dr. Demento Official Website
B&P (blanks and postage)
a rule guide for cd mail trading
CD-Recordable FAQ
everything you always wanted to know about CD-R media, recording etc.
LP to CDR Tips
Transferring LPs to CDR: Some Advice (PC only)
LP artwork: how to scan & stitch for CD case
Dave Dewey-Wright about scanning LP album artwork for jewel case covers in 2 parts, and how to stitch them together.
LP Artwork: Scanning for CD Jewel cases @
Scanning Album Artwork for Jewel Case Covers by Dave Dewey-Wright, posted to the Roxio newsletter
Native American music
Song lyrics
Lyrics Archive
Q Radio
an educational magazine for the music and fine arts of India.
Restoring old vinyl records
web site on restoring old vinyl records and recording to CDs, using Cool Edit 2000
an on-line magazine celebrating classic twentieth-century popular culture, design, and style. Anything that was ever cool.
Shnoize: denoising LP recordings with SoundHack
The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials
The Kon-Tiki Museums Webserver
The Shrunken Head Page
Tiki Island
Magnus Sandberg's tiki drawings
The Whistler
website about whistling

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Music guides, music search engines etc...:
All-Music Guide
American Music Information Resource Guide
Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
Bowling Green State University's Library
Huge database with data about LP recordings.
CDDB (CD Database)
database of CD track lists
CMJ Online
French Language Popular Recording Catalog, listing songs from Canada, France, and other parts of the French-speaking world, in a searchable database. Also gallery of album cover artwork.
Greenwood Press Discographies
German site that allows you to search for music based upon sound-alike or Mood matching
Internet Underground Music Archive
Search by Media
search engine that allows you to run queries for audio, MP3, video...
Similarities engine
SONIC - Sound ONline Inventory and Catalog of The Library of Congress
Huge music guide, with bios and sound clips.
The Essential Media Counterculture
A catalog and guide to the best of alternative and underground
The Ultimate Band List
World Records Music Search Engine

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I've moved the long list of LABEL LINKS to a separate page:
Linquarium, Page 2: Labels & Distribution links

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