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10...9... ignition sequence started
7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0...
lift-off, we have a lift-off!
now is the time you can really indulge.
close your eyes and really...
let yourself go.
all is ready, and the expedition begins!

Virtual Fantastica (4K)


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psst... hey! tell me, whatizit?
it's a radio show.
who's the host?
there's no host, no DJ, just non-stop music.
so, no blabla? like a compilation tape?
yes... no, more like a collage. there's all sort of mystery sounds inbetween the music tracks.
i know! like Negativland's "Over the Edge" program!
hell no! there are no real mixes, no layers of sound. all pieces are neatly placed next to each other, they don't run into each other. it's more like a musical puzzle. get it?
hm... so, what kind of music is it?
well, i loosely call it exotica... or incredibly strange music... or loungecore... whatever.
if you call it that, you have a limited, prejudiced musical taste.
take it easy. relax! why don't you just listen to it?

Last modified: March 16, 2004

latest addition: "Music For 10 Little Indians":

59 minutes of carefully selected nice & crazy, exotic & groovy tracks

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